• ADA4004 Distortion


    I'm trying to incorporate ADA4004 in my next audio design as a low power replacement of OPA1612. Is there any data on its THD?


    Bo Gao

  • 关于运放功耗的问题

    数据手册上ADA4004-1/ADA4004-2/ADA4004-4的数据手册,静态电流写的是每个放大器电源电流是2 mA。我想确认一下,这里是说每个通道还是指的整个运放。比如说对于四通道的ADA4004-4,其功耗应该是2 mA*Vdd*2还是2 mA*4*Vdd*2

  • ADA4004: Maximum Differential Input Voltage

    We are using ADA4004 OP-Amp in an application with high differential input
    voltage. (0...10V). It is supplied with +-15V. Do the inputs of this Opamp draw
    higher input currents, with this differential input voltages?
    Will there any other…
  • RE: Op amp to drive 10uF capacitor

    OK, thanks - I was planning to use the ADA4004 amplifier (http://www.analog.com/static/imported-files/data_sheets/ADA4004-1_4004-2_4004-4.pdf), which I guess could conveniently produce an output current of up to around 1mA. What capacitance would be needed…

  • RE: Amplifier Selection

    Hi Denis,

    You may want to used the ADA4898-1, AD8597 and ADA4004-1. These are low noise/distortion amplifiers that are unity gain stable and capable to handle your required supply voltage.

    I hope this helps!

    Best regards,


  • RE: ADA4004 Input Impedance

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  • RE: 微伏电压信号放大电路




    ADA4004-1 数据手册和产品信息 | 亚德诺半导体

  • AD797 as non-inverting buffer

    Can the AD797 be used as a non-inverting buffer?  I followed the circuit guidance in the data-sheet (figure 37), but the circuit is oscillating at about 900 KHz.  Table 6 on the data sheet lists the recommended circuit values for the follower circuit, but…

  • Problem with ADA4004-4/ADG1436/AD7628

    Dear All:

    Recently I had a full board using, among others, the chips named above. As I got ADA4004 or ADG1436 burnt without any explanation, I did a prototype board using only the above chips to try to discover the problem and still have the same problem…

  • RE: AD8231 op-amp bandwidth and part number

    All this time I was looking at the Filter Wizard, assuming you were talking about the graphs the

    tool generated with the OP281 and the ADA4004.  Did you actually build some hardware

    and look at it on the bench?