• ADA4000-1输出电流最大能到多少


  • ADA4000 stability issue

    I tried replacing a TL082 which was working fine in the attached circuit with ADA4000.

    I am very unhappy with the stability fo ADA4000. The input is from an DAC (100KHz) and the output is at output pin of Opamp.

    What could be a direct replacement for…

  • ADA4000 comparator

    Hi AD,

    is the ADA4000-1 can be used as a comparator instead of amplifier and is it a dedicated op-amp to work for this kind of use (e.g comparator)

    It seems that ADA4000 is highly sensitive working as a comparator and it doesn't like this non linear…

  • Can ADA4000-4 work on +-18V power supply?


    I am searching one kind of opamp to work on +-18V. ADA4000-4  may be the choice as the datasheet said that "±4 V to ±18 V operation". However, I also found in the datasheet that the maximum supply voltage is "±18 V".

    So my…

  • RE: AD711 - Floating Null Pins


    Thanks for the clarification. This question came from a customer of mine. The application is biologic spectral testing. Thanks for the heads up on the ADA4000-1, I will pass this info along to the customer.


  • RE: AD8627是五脚单运放,使用温度只有80度,有没有温度是125度的



  • RE: How to protect ADA4000 inputs from momentary over-voltage?


    You can refer to this link regarding maximum safe input overload condition of ADA4000.

  • RE: Galvanostat using AD711


      I'm not familiar with gavanostats, but your circuit has positive feedback and will slam to the negative

    rail as you have noted.

      The AD711 is a very old part.  Take a look at the ADA4000-1.  Lower Vos, lower Isy, lower price.


  • RE: ADG901  Switch condition under power off (Vcc=0V)

    Further to this.  I have attached an application note about the ADG4612 part.  This app note also shows what happens to our regular analog switches if you apply a signal with no supply voltage present (see Figure 2).