• RE: ADA2200 input clock question

    Hi Jack,

    The ADA2200-EVALZ requires programming the on-board flash to change the ADA2200 configuration.  You program the flash with the desired register configuration, then boot the ADA2200 from flash and the part is programmed.


  • RE: ADA2200 SPICE Model

    Hi UYU319,

    Your SPICE model is right.
    The model for ADA2200 did not include the digital interface used to set the control registers.
    Please refer to ADA2200 datasheet for the default value of these registers which is used in this model.

    Thanks and Best Regards…

  • Comment on ADA2200: Replacing RCLK signal with DAC output

    So it seems to work with or without setting the bit  "Clock source select" in the register "Analog pin configuration"  : fair enough.

    My goal is to build a real lock-in, so able to give amplitude and phase. I put a second ADA2200…

  • RE: ADA2200 Question

    Dear brianharrington,

    I have a question about the ADA2200 ask you.

    Single-chip ADA2200 lock amplification, followed by AD7192, in order to reject output spurs
    that are created at evenmultiples of PSD, set the AD7192 output data rate is equal to the…

  • ADA2200 spice model

    Hello All,

    For the ADA2200 a model is supplied which should work on the ADIsimPE simulation tool.

    However, the ADA2200 requires some register settings but the digital interface is not part of the model.

    So, how do I influence or simulate the ADA2200…

  • RE: ADA2200 lt spice Model


    The ADA2200 spice model was developed under the ADI version of multisim.  Evidently, it is not compatible with LTspice. 

    Sorry for the inconvenience.  I do not see us fixing the ADA2200 spice model in the near term.


  • How to do Lock-in measurement with external signal,"sine wave," to act as a reference by using ADA2200.

    I am Shirokawa.

    I would like to ask questions considering how to do the settings of lock-in measurement wit sine wave by using ADA2200.
    There is ADA2200, and active filter module, which can generate sin wave from Pulse wave.

    I read the web page below…

  • RE: ADA2200 Test Circuit

    About the reconstruction filter.  If you synchronize the adc sampling to the ADA2200 output frequency, then a reconstruction filter is not neccessary.  If you do not synchronize the ADC sampling to the ADA2200, then the reconstruction filter would be required…

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  • Comment on ADA2200: Replacing RCLK signal with DAC output


    It makes sense that independently resetting either the Arduino or the ADA2200 will change the phase relationship between the DAC output (excitation signal) and the ADA2200 RCLK, since they are both essentially running along separate threads…