• ada2200

    Hi everyone,

    Why is ada2200 obsolete ? 

  • RE: Program the registers of the ADA2200 using the ADA2200-EVALZ board


    Sorry if I've missed this thread. I have contacted the product owner for this and will get back to you.



  • about ADA2200


    I am working for the development of biomedical device.

    To deal with the signal, we are considering lock-in amplifier.

    To make circuit for it, we are considering AD630/ADA2200 IC.

    In case of the AD630, there is price problem.(relatively expensive…

  • What is the ADA2200?

    What is the ADA2200?

    The ADA2200 is a synchronous demodulator for signal conditioning in industrial and medical and applications. The signal processing is performed entirely in the analog domain by charge sharing among capacitors, which eliminates the…

  • ADA2200: ACE File format for importing filters

    We recently got the following question from a customer.


    I am using the following setup:


    - ADA2200SDP-EVALZ  revision C

    - EVAL-SDP-CB1Z  Revision 1.3

    - ACE Software  Version 1.9.2639.1092


    I’m trying to setup a Custom…

  • ADA2200 Evaluation Board

    ADA2200 evaluation board is supposed to give ~7 kHz in default set up but I am getting 73 khz is there something wrong

  • Regarding square wave (~7.8125 kHz) is present at RCLK_OUT (J3) - ADA2200


    I have started to use an ADA2200 for the purpose of employing it as a Lock-in Amplifier. 

    For starting the operation, I am following the document - ADA2200SDP-EVALZ (Rev. 0) (analog.com).

    On page 3, point no. 8, it is mentioned that "Verify that a square…

  • RE: ADA2200 is EOL. Substitutes?


    I also just finished developing a miniature product that measures the inside of the skin with infrared using the ADA2200. However, without the ADA2200 it seems impossible to make it to its current size. I also want this ic to continue to be produced…

  • ADA2200: Replacing RCLK signal with DAC output

    Question from customer about the ADA2200 :

    I need to excite my sensor with a sine wave. If I understand correctly, RCLK is only producing a squarewave, which is very unpleasant because it is quite tricky to filter out all the harmonics to obtain a pure…