• Does AD9988 support Tx or Rx only mode

    Dear ADI friends:

    We have a lot a FMC card projects, some are Tx only card, some are Rx only card, some are TRX card.

    We are considering AD9988 as a general solution for our FMC card projects.

    So my question is:

    In the uc_settings.c file, can we configure…

  • AD9988-FMCB-EBZ schematics

    I can't find the schematics of AD9988-FMCB-EBZ.
    Where can I find the schematics?

  • AD9988-FMCB-EBZ and ZCU102


    I have a question from our customer about AD9988.
    A ZynqMP / MPSoC Linux kernel is prepared for  AD9081 and AD9082.
    It is introduced on the bellow page.

    Our customer wants to use  zynqmp-zcu102-rev10-ad9081-m8-l4.zip (2019_R2…

  • AD9988 MxFE Software Quick Start Guide

    We will test AD9988 EVB (Single MxFE AD9988-FMCA-EBZ) with Xilinx FPGA EVB VCU118 and  there is no user guide document and example design for quick start, we found a exmple design of QuadMxFE with VCU118 for quick setup.  Is there similar quick start guide…

  • Regarding DDC I/Q output spectrum for wideband RF sampling transceiver

    Hello support team,

    I am looking in to the wideband direct RF sampling transceivers. I have below query regrading AD9988 DDC output. 

    My frequency is not fixed it is variable within +/- 1 MHz. So let's say, my center frequency = 40 MHz . so it will be…

  • Can ADRV9008 produce 5G Tx signal?


    I would like to create a system that outputs 5G Tx on your board and FPGA without using a signal generator.

    1.  AD9988
    2.  ADRV9008,9009

    I think AD9988 can do it. however the AD9988 is expensive. I would like to evaluate it with ADRV9008 first.

    We can convert…

  • RE: AD9986 initialisation time

    You can take a look at the log file after setting up the AD9988 in the eval board using our API or ACE gui, to understand the startup time. 

  • RE: Device selection

    the AD9988 can sample frequencies that low. however, you will have to deal with the 1/f noise as you approach DC

  • RE: EVAL-AD9082-FCMA vs -FCMB

    More information is available in the user guide 1829 (AD9081/AD9082/AD9986/AD9988 User Guide (Rev. 0) (analog.com)). please see table 1. 

  • RE: AD9081-FMCA-EBZ and ADS9-V2EBZ

    , can you please provide some details about your setup? are you using the ADS9v2 along with the AD9081/AD9082-FMCA-EBZ? If so, have you taken a look at the user guides?

    AD9081/AD9082/AD9986/AD9988 User Guide (Rev. 0) (analog.com)