• AD9988 CDDC and FDDC


    I wonder if the CDDC and FDDC of AD9988 should be set the same to CDUC and FDUC?

    First, I set CDDC and FDDC = 2x3,CDUC and FDUC = 2x3,JTX and JRX link can both be established.

    Second, CDDC and FDDC = 3x2,CDUC and FDUC = 2x3,JRX link can be established…

  • data error of AD9988 ADC output


    The ADC sampling output data of  AD9988 evaluation board has 0.03% probability of  data error, as shown in the figure (the upper is IQ data in time domain, the lower is data in frequency domain after FFT). 

    engineers  tried to reduce the rate of serdes, but…

  • AD9988 JESD204C Synchronization Word


    we have difficulty in JESD204C 64b/66b link establishment.

    The Synchronization Word in UG-1578 is CRC-12, and bit 22 is EoEMB. While in "JESD204C 入门: 新特性及其内容—第2部分",  tabel 2, bit 26 is EoEMB. 

    which one is true?

    Besides,  in AD9988 API…

  • AD9988-FMCB-EBZ Schematics and PCB

    Hello, we bought an AD9988-FMCB-EBZ this week. we will run it in our own baseband.

    but, we can't find the schematics and PCB of AD9988-FMCB-EBZ. work can't be continued without pin definition, such as SPI, serdes ... 

    Where can I find the schemat…

  • AD9988 EVM question

    Hello Sir,

    In order to EVM is most important for digital communication system so customer would like to use AD9988 in front-end.

    We also know, AD9988 has integrated  high speed ADC+DAC so we don't have any EVM test result from DS.

    That the customer…

  • AD9988 EVM result

    Hi folks,

    I find the specification and relevant document, it doesn't mention about EVM measurement .

    Could you help to provide the EVM measurement result , the condition of measurement is 1024QAM@7.2GHz. 


  • AD9988 digital gain range


    As I know, the DAC could be set digital gain control for Main digital data path and channelizer data path and I find the related setting at user guide.

    I wonder to know about setting range of digital gain control, it shows the parameter can be set…

  • AD9988 DAC Aperture Jitter

    Hi ADI friends,

    After I study the datasheet, I only find the phase noise about DAC, but Aperture Jitter is not.

    Could you help to provide the parameter value about Aperture Jitter of DAC?

    Or the related information to calculate it?


  • DPD Support for AD9988

    Dear ADI Support,

    We created 100MHz B/W 5G signal and transmit it from DAC.

    The direct signal from DAC seems to be good on spectrum analyzer.

    However,  a signal via PA is not good. It is not sufficient with ACP.

    So, we want to use DPD(Digital Pre Distortion…

  • AD9988 Evaluation Board spurs ever 62.MHz with ZCU102

    I am using an AD9988 with zcu102 stock image based on the link below.


    Using the iio scope default configuration on boot I'm seeing significant spurs at the LO frequency…