• AD9984A Charge Pump Current Register

    Dear Sir,

    Could you please tell us about Charge Pump Current register value(Address:0x03)?

    We refered recommendation "Charge Pump Current value" on Datasheet of Table10 and Design support file"0830.attachment.xls".

    These some value…

  • AD9984A eval board schematics+layout

    Can  I have the schematics + layout of the AD9984A eval board ?


    Please find the latest schematic and PCB files attached. This board is going to
    be obsolete and we are move forward with a new board. I have attached schematic
    of this new board also…

  • Replace AD9984A from AD9984

    Dear Sir,

    We have AD9984(without A version) stock now.  We know that AD9984 is very old device. 

    We will use AD9984A version.  We have the question.

    Is AD9984A is same register map(software compatible)  and layout (pin comptible) as AD9984  

    Can we use same…


    Broken Link to http://filezilla-project.org/ !

    How to get the EVB file ?

    How to Init/operate/control the borad ?

    any Manuel Doc how to handle the EVB?



  • AD9984A / AD9983A Design Support Files

    AD9984A and AD9983A related documentation attached.  Included are the data sheet, evaluation board documentation, and application notes. Sample configuration scripts added on 03/12/2014 - please see attached zip file.

    Product Support
    AD9983A …
  • AD9984A missing some hsync pulses


    I have problem with a custom board using AD9984A. It seems that I am missing some hsync pulses. I have tried with more than one of these boards and they show same strange behaviour.

    Yellow: VSYNC
    Green: Raw HSYNC (through sog output)
    Blue: HSOUT


  • AD9984A output delay characterization

    Hi everybody,

    I am using AD9984A in a 4:4:4 RGB application and I am now trying to characterize AD9984A data output delay impact on backporch.

    Let me explain...

    At the input of my board I have a given standard video signal with a given backporch. At the…

  • RE: Can ad9984a output 16bit bt1120 data ?


     No, AD9984a does not support BT1120 standard and user may get the BT1120 timing by outputting the AV-CODES and manually adjusting timings (SAV/EAV codes) to match the spec.

     We use the term BT656/BT1120 in our receivers part to describe output of digital…

  • AD9984A I2C SCL Low-Pass-Filter


    I have one question about the I2C SCL of the AD9984A.

    Does SCL have a 100khz low-pass filter?
    Or is there a spike noise filter?
    Please tell me.

    Thank you.

    Best regards.