• AD9983A one problem that AD9983A can work without register initialization


      Now AD9983A has one doubt that before AD9983 power up, disconnect I2C between AD9983A and MCU,and AD9983A still can work and output image is normal.

      i want to confirm that AD9983A can work normally without  initialization?@

  • AD9983A errata


    some error are not mentioned in the datasheet of the AD9983A like the DDR in mode 444 that are not supported.

    Could you send us a list of the errata that are knowed on your side ? (there is no errata sheet on the web site)

    bests regards


  • AD9983A noise

    we have a vision system which is able to interface up to six
    black&white analog industrial cameras.

    Each camera in connected to one of the three primary
    input of the ADC AD9983A. The secondary inputs are not used then tied to the
    ground through a 75Ohm…

  • AD9983A at 172 MHz?

    The datasheet for the AD9983A seems to cover only the 140 MHz version of the part.  Is there a datasheet that specifically covers the 170 MHz part?

    We're looking to use the 170 MHz version.  Will we be able to set the part to run at 172 MHz?  Standard…

  • AD9983A eval board


    regarding the AD9983A eval board, there is a connecter on the back side of this board;  so to which tools this board can be interfaced (I know this board is obsolete), but we have one of this board, and would like to test the AD9983A as soon as…

  • AD9983A ouput voltage levels

     What happen on voltage level output of outputs pin (RGB, DATACK, HSOUT, VSOUT ) and control pin (SDA, SCL)  when I set VDD = 1.8V...

  • AD9983A Test Register 6

    We are currently evaluating the AD9983A and found some odd behavior on the Test Register 6.  According to the datasheet, Test Register 6 (address 0x2E) must be written with the value 0xE0.  I have been trying to write 0xE0 but when the register is read…

  • AD9984A / AD9983A Design Support Files

    AD9984A and AD9983A related documentation attached.  Included are the data sheet, evaluation board documentation, and application notes. Sample configuration scripts added on 03/12/2014 - please see attached zip file.

    Product Supp…
  • AD9983A, 9984A, 9985A Default Configuration

    In general, what is the default configuration (i.e., resolution, ...) of the AD9983A, 9984A, 9985A? The datasheet has the default settings for all the registers but its not easy to determine the default configuration without going thru each register.

  • reference design for AD9983A and ADV7511W. Application is I need to convert VGA to HDMI

    • For my High end Set Top Box designs I need to convert VGA to HDMI. So I am planning to use AD9983A and ADV7511W. Can you please provide me a complete reference designs for this.