• how can i test the AD9963

    I want to evaluate the AD9963,what all do I need to evaluate the AD9963 EBZ, I find the DPG2,DPG3 can be useful.

    which kind of  DPG2  or DPG3 can I use for testing AD9963 EBZ.



  • RE: Query about AD9963's Output Frequency

    Hi -

    Which output of teh AD9963 is at twice the expected frequency? I've attached a block diagram I drew of the AD9963 clocking system.



  • the AD9963 DAC output compliance range define

    Dear sir, 

        i found in the AD9963 datasheet, the AD9963 DAC output compliance range define below:

       i wonder this range point to the single-end define or different define? and the range value mean Vpp or Vpk?


  • RE: AD9963包括IQ调制吗



  • AD9963 (M2K board) FPGA Reference Design


    I am currently working on developing a sensor evaluation system using Zedboard FPGA and AD9963 FMC board.

    We could boot-up Linux (from SD card with pre-loaded image) on Zedboard based on instructions available in Wiki page.

    Since there is no FMCOMMS2…

  • AD9963 can NOT run

    我将AD9963评估板和DPGIOZ连接,且都用USB连接到了PC,并按quick start文档配置了电源和时钟,但是PC端的SPI软件和DPGDownload软件仍然无法加载AD9963的数据模板,也无法向芯片加载数据,求各位大神解惑!

    The AD9963 linked to DPGIOZ, and both of them linked to PC by USB.

    The power and clock configured according to the quick start document…

  • RE: AD9963. Problems.

    Hi -

    Here is a writeup I did on the AD9963 transmit path FIFO.

    I hope this is helpful.



  • RE: AD9963 - voltage on RXCML is 1.75V

    Moving this question on AD9963 to the Converter community.

  • RE: axi_ad9963 no dac_valid output


    My suggestion is to have a look over our M2K project: https://wiki.analog.com/university/tools/m2k - an AD9963 is present on this board. On the software side, a Linux driver is available: https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/linux/blob/master/drivers…

  • AD9963-EBZ DPG Downloader “No Device Found”

    在我使用AD9963-EBZ开发板通过USB连接线与PC进行连接后,DPG Downloader软件中显示“No Device Found”,这是什么原因?

    而在AD9963-SPI软件中已经可以通过USB连接线对AD9963进行配置了,且我的操作步骤是严格按照start guide进行的。谢谢。