• AD9961 unused pins?

    Is there any termination advice for unused pins on the AD9961/3?

    For example, I'm planning on only using half duplex mode--can I leave TXD[0:9] unconnected?

    Can I leave AUX33V unconnected if I'm not planning on using the AUX ADCs?


  • AD9961中DAC的最大输出带宽能达到多少



  • RE: How to read the received data from AD9961

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  • RE: 具有 7.5 GHz 带宽的可扩展软件定义射频解决方案,你值得拥有~

    AD9961/AD9963是引脚兼容的10/12位低功耗MxFE®转换器,提供两个采样速率为100 MSPS的ADC通道和两个采样速率为170 MSPS的DAC通道。这些转换器针对要求低功耗和低成本的通信系统的发射和接收信号路径进行了优化。数字接口提供灵活的时钟选项。发射路径可配置为1×、2×、4×和8×插值。接收路径具有一个可旁路的2×抽取低通滤波器。


  • AD9963 Quick Start Guide

    Hi all,

    AD9963 Quick Start Guide and other files are not available following link.

    Please provide the following files or new links.

    AD996x Evaluation Board


    Quick Start Guide
    IBIS Models: AD9963,…

  • RE: AD9963 clock doubler

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    Thank you for your reply!
    Again, is the correct understanding that the clock doubler and the interpolation or decimation filters cannot be used at the same time?

    The customer asked us an additional question,
    1.What is the DAC output level …

  • RE: how to interface the EVAL-ADF9010EBZ1 and  AD9861-50EBZ

    We can offer to replace the AD9861 eval board that is no longer reccomended for new designs with the AD9961 eval board. We will not be able to support the AD9861 eval board questions.

  • RE: AD9761 and AD9763

    My apologies I answered you based on the AD9961 and AD9963. The AD9761 and AD9763 were introduced in 1999. The AD9763 and AD9761 are not recommended for new designs. You can look for alternatives in the selection table for high speed DACs on www.analog…

  • RE: What's wrong with RXCML in AD9963?

    Hi Rain -

    You should be seeing 1.4V DC on the RXCML pin if the RXCML pin output buffer is enabled.

    Are you following this programming sequence from page 21 of teh data sheet?


    The AD9963/AD9961 have two registers…