• AD9959-How do you apply the AD9959 without using transfomers on DAC out?

    I would like to use the AD9959 to produce freuqencies from 1Hz to 25MHz.  In order to go down to 1Hz frequency, a transformer can't be used on the DAC outputs.  How would one use the AD9959 DAC ouputs without a transformer?  Would one termnaite both…

  • RE: AD9959 Input termination scheme

    The AD9959 REFCLK input, when configured for input buffer mode (that is, not for crystal resonator mode), functions as a general purpose differential receiver. A simplified schematic of the REFCLK input is shown in Figure 31 of the data sheet (pg. 17)…

  • AD9959 Loop Filter


    I have a question about loop filter.

    In the data sheet and schematic, 0Ω and 680pF are connected to A VDD. However, in the EVA manual, 698Ω and 680pF are connected to GND.

    When the AD9959 was operated, the 698Ω and 680pF Loop filter…

  • RE: Firmware for the AD9959 evaluation board

    Hi Kevin, 

    thanks for the fast reply. Yes, the AD9959 evaluation software is working fine on windows 10, 64 bit, but I need to write a custom application for the AD9959 in labview. 
    To summarize the approach: 
    1) I can not figure out how to program the…
  • AD9959

    Hello guys~

    I've got a question about AD9959.

    I want to make the following waveform. (S0:Low freqeuncy, E0: High frequency) 

    S0->E0 (very shortly)->S0 -> Off operation  (Amplitude Control Register  0x06[12]=1'b1 : Amplitude multiplier…

  • ad9959

    I am trying to generate a sine wave of 80Mhz on channel 1. I am confused about what are the registers need to be written and what to write. Can anyone help into that?


  • RE: Firmware for the AD9959 evaluation board

    Hi Kevin,

    you wrote "the firmware is attached"  - but I don't see any file to download? Can you please attach the firmware again? Thanks!

  • ad9959



  • Ad9959: Oscillator

    Is the ballon a t Pin 8 & 9 required when using an oscillator to drive the
    inputs or is the ballon just used to accommodate the mismatch of the external
    clock input impedance on the Eval-board?


    The Balun and the 50ohm resistor…
  • AD9959: ADIsimDDS_spectrum

    Currently, we found the bandwidth of single tone output from frequency response
    in the ADIsimDDS tool is 800KHz. Pls see the attached. Is it all right for such
    wide bandwidth? Or is there something wrong with the software? Would you pls