• AD9959 DUT type NONE


    I am getting the DUT Type as None, even though the USB Status is green. I have checked the power being provided at the inputs, it is 1.8V and 3.3V. I have tried reflashing the EEPROM, however, it still shows as None. How do I know whether the part…

  • AD9959 frequency linear sweep down

    Hi guys, I'm trying to use the linear sweep mode of AD9959 to sweep the frequency down. It seems that it can sweep from s0 to e0 but the e0 frequency must be larger. I tried to let p0 always 1 (I'm using channel 0) such that it starts at e0 but obviously…

  • AD9959 Output analysis with Spectrum Analyzer


    I passed the output from the DDS AD9959 through a spectrum analyzer. Even though the frequency is less than 0.5 of the clock frequency (Nyquist frequency), why am I observing multiple frequencies in the spectrum analyzer? The input clock frequency…

  • AD9959 External Modulation Profile Pin Control


    I am writing a python interface to communicate with the AD9959 Evaluation board, as I need customised python drivers for our lab in experimental physics. I have been able to program all the functions except the Profile and the RURD pin control. Could…

  • AD9959 Phase Offset - Lead or Lag

    Does the phase offset introduced by the phase word result in a wave that leads or lags the reference signal?

  • Ad9959: Oscillator

    Is the ballon a t Pin 8 & 9 required when using an oscillator to drive the
    inputs or is the ballon just used to accommodate the mismatch of the external
    clock input impedance on the Eval-board?


    The Balun and the 50ohm resistor –these are…

  • AD9959 very low frequency sine waveform generation


    Is it possible to generate 45Hz to 85Hz sine waveform (in steps of 0.01Hz) using the AD9959 evaluation kit? If so what I have to take into account?


  • AD9959: ADIsimDDS_spectrum

    Currently, we found the bandwidth of single tone output from frequency response
    in the ADIsimDDS tool is 800KHz. Pls see the attached. Is it all right for such
    wide bandwidth? Or is there something wrong with the software? Would you pls
    give some…

  • RE: AD9959 Frequency Modulation

    No. The only mechanism for external control of the EVB is to switch the EVB to full manual control.

    The AD9959 does offer an automated FM mechanism via the Linear Sweep mode. However, the modulation is constrained to linear FM. That is, the frequency vs…