• RE: Are there any LabVIEW drivers for the AD9959 DDS board?

    The AD9959 software was constructed using visual basic. So, there's no labView drivers available from ADI. Not sure if this will help but the source code for the AD9959 software GUI is on the ADI website:  http://www.analog.com/en/digital-to-analog…

  • RE: One question about AD9910's PSK Function

    AD9959 have no zerocrossing function, then if using AD9959 to implement PSK, whether the phase can be changed at phase 0?

  • AD9959 SPI Problem


    I am using AD9959 DDS.I am trying to communicate it with SPI.

    I am trying to configure it as below:

    SET_RST;     // Make reset pin high

    CLR_RST;     // Make reset pin low

    SET_CS;     // Make CS pin high

    SET_IOUPD;     // Make IO_UPDATE pin high


  • RE: DDS 9959 communication and programming

    Besides the AD9959 data sheet, ADI offers an AD9959 evaluation board and software. Note, you don't need to order the evaluation board to run the software. You can download the software from the following site and get the software source code too. See…

  • AD9959


    I am now using AD9959 evaluation board as a frequency source. It seems  to me that when I set a channel to a certain type of modulation  (Frequency/Amplitude/Phase), the amplitude scale factor on all the other  channels will be bypassed.  Here is…

  • AD9959

    1、  问题已解决!!

  • AD9959

    Hello guys~

    I've got a question about AD9959.

    I want to make the following waveform. (S0:Low freqeuncy, E0: High frequency) 

    S0->E0 (very shortly)->S0 -> Off operation  (Amplitude Control Register  0x06[12]=1'b1 : Amplitude multiplier…

  • RE: AD9958程序


  • RE: AD9959-How do you apply the AD9959 without using transfomers on DAC out?

    Hi Mark-M,

    There's a similar discussion regarding AD9959 DAC output termination without using a transformer.

    Here's the link: AD9959 Transformer DAC Output

    Hope you'll find it useful.

    Best Regards,


  • AD9959 output register configuration

    Using AD9959 output four channels of different frequency, different pulse width of the linear frequency modulation signal,How to configure the register?Or does AD9959 have this feature?