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    From Google translate:

    I recently used ad9958 to do a DDS. Use the microcontroller to the clock signal to sclk. Strangely, the microcontroller to the clock does not receive the AD9958 sclk, the microcontroller output clock signal is normal. But after…

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    I have some more questions about the AD9958...

    On my Output Signal I need a Peak to peak Voltage that is variable for example one time i need 5V next time 15V, so I have to change the scale factor for the AM? But how do i calculate the scale factor…

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    Hey there,

    I´m looking for a 2 channel dds chip such as the ad9958, but i have some questions.

    Is it possible to generate a difference between the two clock frequencies of both channels, for exapmle by using the internal clock reference and the external…

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    Hey guys,

    I have one last question about the AD9958, did i get it right that modulation of amplitude, phase or frequency is done by FSK,PSK,ASK?

    So there´s no possibility of using analog modulation such as PM,AM,FM?

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    现在做AD9958呢 ,写寄存器好多啊,谁有评估板的软件啊,给一个吧!谢谢!

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    I would suggest using the AD9958 which has 2 synchronized DDS channels.

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