• AD9957 not responding


    In my design i am using AD9957, I am trying to read default registers of AD9957 with spi but i am not able to read.

    Is there any test so that i can say that DAC is working with default registers.

    I am attaching the screen shots and schematics also…

  • AD9957 evaluation board

         Hello ~

         We want to buy an AD9957 evaluation board, but there are some technical issues that need to be confirmed:

         We want to download our code  to the PLCD chip(ALTERA_EPM_240)from the JTAG interface.Can we achieve this?In other words, Can we program…

  • AD9957 BFI Mode Questions

    Hi there,

    A couple of questions on the AD9957 Data Sheet Rev C.

    1.       In Table 12 , it seems to suggest that there is no “Input Scale Multiplier” in the BFI mode.

    Does that mean that ramping is not supported in the BFI mode?

    2.       Figure 27 shows 4x half…

  • AD9957 DAC spectrum


    I have my own ad9957 board (schematic is attached).

    AD9957 is programmed in single tone mode.

    Charge Pump Current 312uA.

    VCO Band - 3.

    Frequency Multiplication factor - 26

    System Clock Frequency 650 MHz


    I have the problem  with the  dirty…

  • AD9957 doesnot work.

    Hi, everyone!

    How to judge whether the AD9957 chip is damged? Measuring the voltage or current?


  • AD9957 Speed Upgrade


    Can you tell me if there is anything in the works for a speed upgrade on the AD9957? We have been using this device in a design for over 6 years and are not looking at the technology available to increase speeds. We have looked at some of the new…

  • PLL lock AD9957


    How does one make sure the PLL lock to the onboad 25 MHz clk on the AD9957.


  • AD9957 & Modulation Formats

    Is AD9957 capable of generating 8PSK & OFDM carrieres? If so, is there any reference design or data available? Thanks.

  • AD9957 Frequency Not Locking

    I am working with the AD9957 eval board and am currently having a problem getting the frequency to lock. Modified the board to use the 25 MHz Crystal.I did use the simulations software which modeled that the frequency should be locking. Here are some…

  • AD9957's  power supply

    Hi, everyone

    I'm confused with the power supply of AD9957 evaluation board. The following picture is the Power Connection part of the board.

    As the UG-208 says, TB1 and TB2. TB1 powers the USB interface circuitry, the digital I/O interface, and…