• AD9957: maximum signal bandwidth

    In AD9957's datasheet, as figure 1 shown, the AD9957 output signal's bandwidth
    is about 10MHz. I want to know what the maximum signal bandwidth of AD9957 can
    process is.


    The maximum signal bandwidth is ~62MHz.
    Given a 1GHz…
  • AD9957评估板



  • AD9957 evaluation board


    I'm using the AD9957 evaluation board and software and modulating at 40MHz and using the multiplier (x25) to obtain a 1GHz clock in QDUC mode. Also, we designed our PLL loop filter from the tool provided and populated the board. For the most part…

  • AD9957 RAM write difficulty


    I am writing to the RAM of the AD9957 for direct data playback to the baseband data path and I am experiencing some strange behaviour.

    I write to the RAM using the following method:

    1.     1. Take AD9957 out of master reset

    2.     2. Configure Control…

  • AD9957's  External REF_CLK

    Hi, everyone!

    Here I have a problem with the Evaluation Board of AD9957. I want to drive the AD9957 using an external signal source instead of the 25MHz Crystal on the board. The problem is that the Evaluation Board of AD9957 requires the REF_CLK input…

  • REF_CLK input for AD9957

    Hi, everyone,

    Here I have a problem with the REF_CLK input for AD9957. I've got an evaluation board for AD9957. But I cannot use the crystal on the board because I can't get a fractional system clock for AD9957, for example 409.2MHz cannot be…

  • AD9957 Power On Sequence


    Just wanted to double check if AD9957 had any power on sequence.

    I see there is no requirement stated on the datasheet nor eval board docs.


  • Pulse Shaping of AD9957


    The AD9957's datasheet says that encoding and pulse shaping of symbols must be implemented before the data is presented to the input of the AD9957. What if I ignore the pulse shaping operation?


  • AD9957 RAM access failure

    I am attempting to write and read the internal RAM in the AD9957.  It is not working.  Here is my procedure:

    1.  Set RAM Enable = 0.

    2.  Drive RT pin low, then high.

    3.  Write to RAM Segment Register 0:  RAM Address Step Rate = 1; RAM End Address = 3; RAM…

  • 求助AD9957

    我把AD9957 Evaluation board连到电脑上,已经装了AD9957 Evaluation Software和相应的Matlab软件,在AD9957 Evaluation Software界面上怎么显示没有连接上评估板?