I am now working a AD9957 project. I used ADF4360-6 to provide 619MHz REF_CLOCK,  I do not use ad9957 internal PLL,  The sync_clk is OK. I test the single tone mode is right, But when I use QDUC MODE ,there is no signal. I found when I set the…

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  • AD9957+ADF4351+ADL5801

    Hi, everyone!

    I use AD9957+ADF4351+ADL5801 in an up-conversion application. The AD9957 generates a 50 MHz intermediate frequency signal which is sent to the RF port of the ADL5801; The ADF4351 provides a  1700 MHz LO, and the ADL5801 mixes the two signals…

  • AD9957 Output

    Hi, I am using the AD9957. I use the Blackfin mode QDUC. On the Q-channel I send 0x8000 and on the I-channel 0x0000. There is no output signal. But if I swap the data to I-channel 0x8000 and Q-channel 0x000 there is carrier visible? This is wierd. Can…

  • AD9957 modulation questions

    I'm a microwave guy trying to figure out if I it makes more sense to use the AD9957 instead of a traditional Direct I/Q modulator.  I already plan a dual conversion solution so your app not AN-0996 makes sense to me.  The critical parameters that I…

  • AD9957 DAC


  • DAC AD9957

    I am using AD9957 chip. I want to use it for the 200 MSPS data rate.

    I have applied 25 MHz of differential clock to as the REFCLK to the chip.

    In the SPI Register Map, I have enabled the PLL and I have chosen the VCO Band.

    But I am unable to find,…

  • AD9957 PLL


             i am using 20 MHz external CLK for AD9957 PLL input, but it is not locking  for frequency 800 MHz.it gives a 20-30 MHz wide signal at pin no 55.  centered around 320 MHz.(pll loop filter BW=2.5 MHz,VCO=4)when i change the  VCO from 4 to 5,it results…

  • AD9957: maximum signal bandwidth

    In AD9957's datasheet, as figure 1 shown, the AD9957 output signal's bandwidth
    is about 10MHz. I want to know what the maximum signal bandwidth of AD9957 can
    process is.


    The maximum signal bandwidth is ~62MHz.
    Given a 1GHz…
  • AD9957 spurious output


    we are using AD9957 in QDUC at 350 MHz and we have sample rate harmonic spurs on output, with a PDCLK 96 MHz rate

    for a 96 MHZ sample rate.

    In the plot in the AD9957 datasheet I don't see this kind of spurs, could you suggest us something to limit…