• EVAL-AD9957


    Please share the stackup and board file of EVAL-AD9957 for understanding the routing impedance and structures in the balun.

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    Arunkumar P



    We need test setup used to get the spectrum graphs in 'TYPICAL PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS' of datasheet for AD9957.

    • Was there any 500MHz Low Pass Filter or any other filter in the test setup?
    • What is the "Lower Sideband Suppression" that…
  • EVAL-AD9957


    AD9957 Evaluation Software has simulation option, but we are unable to activate it as it is grayed out. 

    OS: Windows 7 Professional Edition, 64 bit

    Thank You,

    Arunkumar P

  • AD9957: maximum signal bandwidth

    In AD9957's datasheet, as figure 1 shown, the AD9957 output signal's bandwidth
    is about 10MHz. I want to know what the maximum signal bandwidth of AD9957 can
    process is.


    The maximum signal bandwidth is ~62MHz.
    Given a 1GHz system clock…

  • AD9957 DAC Power supply filtering Circuit

    Hi Please Provide/Suggest  a suitable ferrite bead part no./value for DAC AD9957

  • AD9957 Sync State Preset Value

    Hi all,

    Our customer will start to design with AD9957.

    We have the question about the Multichip Sync Register ,Address 0x0A.
    [23:18] Sync State Preset Value ; Default is 000000b.
    This 6-bit number is the state that the internal clock generator assumes…

  • Can the AD9957 Evalboard and software generate CDMA modulation of the AD99957?

    Can the AD9957 Evalboard and software generate CDMA modulation of the AD99957?


    In general, the AD9957 can produce any modulated signal that relies on a
    complex baseband component (I + jQ). The AD9957 evaluation software only
    supports the generation…

  • Current consumption of AD9957 in Full sleep mode

    Hello. I have one question. Please tell me.

    The AD9957 has a full sleep mode function, and power consumption in this mode is specified as typ=12mW.

    Is it possible to provide the data of each current value of "DVDD_I/O (3.3V) ,DVDD (1.8V) Pin, AVDD (3…