• RE: AD9957 BFI mode problem

    Hello again,

       I think, I've solved my problem.Grinning

    Here is what I've done.
    First,I misunderstood meaning of DATA ASSEMBLER HOLD LAST VALUE bit in CRF2. I thought that it is active only when TXENABLE signal is inactive, but it's not true. This bit is…

  • RE: AD9957 spurious output

    Hi Claudio,

    In order to assist you further, kindly provide the register settings of the AD9957.

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  • About the problems of output exception after knocking on AD9957. How CCI filter works in AD9957.

    Is CCI filter in AD9957 similar withe the general form of a cascade? Does it only use the adder and negated device? Then what is the position of overflow when the overflow indication of CCI is high at the pin 20 , and after overflow what  is CCI filter…

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  • AD9957+ADL5801



  • AD9957 Matlab Model ?

    Is there a Matlab model of the AD9957 component (with filter taps and bit rounding operations in each stage) ?
    The link provided in a previous answer on this subject is no longer valid.


  • AD9957 PDCLK



  • AD9957

    Dear Sir,

    I am trying to interface AD9957 with Arduino Due. I am able to send data using SPI but it is not received by the registers mentioned in the evaluation software as I tried to read it from the registers. Being fresher I am not to figure out,…

  • AD9957 PLL_Loop_Filter Connection


    Please advise on AD9957 PLL_LOOP_FILTER (PIN2) connection. if I am using an external differential REF_CLK source, do I leave the PLL_LOOP_FILTER pin open/NC? How about the PLL_LOCK pin?

    Also, I intend to use the ADF4360-7 as the REF_CLK synthesizer…

  • AD9957 PLL question

    In the datasheet for the AD9957 on page 35 it refers to a frequency multiplication factor of 12 to 127, is this the same as N called out in the equations on page 36?