• RE: Reset of AD9956


    The AD9956 does not have integrated power-on-reset. Master reset is required to clear accumulators and return all registers to their default values that will place the part in a known state.

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    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer evaluates AD9956. How much current do I need to supply at least to IAVDD and IDVDD for AD9956 to work? We cannot see the minimum current of them on the data sheet.



  • AD9956

    For my AD9956-VCO/PCBZ eval board, I installed AD9956Setup2.0.0.0-FullInstall.exe downloaded from analog.com on a PC running Windows XP. Attaching the eval board USB connector to the PC prompted the PC to search for but fail to find any suitable USB driver…

  • AD9956

    If I don’t want to use the PLL in the AD9956, how should I terminate the unuse pins? PLLREF/PLLOSC

  • Ad9956 External control

    Hello, I am currently hoping to run my Ad9956 using an external FPGA program. When I looked at the provided manual (linked below) I see it tells me to:

    Set W3 to parallel, set W4 to manual,

    and remove W15 (or leave it stored as a shunt).

    However, on…

  • AD9956 no output

    I am using AD9956 in a simplest way to generate a single frequency. The schematic is show as below.

    I configure it with a CPLD. All the inputs are checked through OSC and are OK.

    But there are no wave output on pin SYNC_OUT, and the voltage level…

  • AD9956  CLK

    I want use FPGA  3.3V LVTTL IO(DDS_CLK) to Provide clk   for AD9956     as   below  ,is it right?  thanks

  • ad9956 output power

    I want to control output power from  ad9956,Is there an accurate relationship between DAC_RSET and output current amplitude?DATAsheet didn't seem to come out. I want to adjust the output current amplitude by adjusting DAC_RSET, so as to adjust the voltage…


    I'm working in a project, also with the AD9956, and I have the following doubts regarding the CML driver:

    1: Did the AD9956 CML driver have integrated pullup collector resistors?

    2: What´s the value in Ohms?.

    3: In the datasheet, Analog specified…


    The AD9956 PLLOSC Input Resistance = 1500 Ohm. Is it differential or single ended impedance?

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