• AD9954 Issue

    Dear Sir/Madm,

    There are three circuit figures in the EVB of Ad9954 t, i wonder what is the difference between U7 and U8,  which include ad9954.


  • RE: ad9954

    From Google Translate:

    I want to output 47 ~ 100Hz with ad9954, but the IC will perform. If not, please recommend 14bit.


    The AD9954 can output your desired frequency sweep.

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  • Programming the AD9954

    Hello world!

    I am trying to follow the programming example in the AD9954 datasheet, where the part is programmed to output a 122 MHz single-tone. After sending the instruction/data bytes, and asserting the IO Update, I still don't see anything on the…

  • AD9954 OSK

    I am using AD9954 DDS and trying to build pulse shape, so that amplitude will rise up from 0 to 3FFF in steps. Analysing the datasheet, I see that amplitude step can be 1,2,4 or 8 only, which are very limited values, since making full loop of 14 bit counter…

  • ad9954  issue

    i am using AD9954 DDS as a frequency sweep generator from 70MHz to 110MHz ( sweep) . I

    measured the output using Spectrum analyzer with the following setting.

    resolution band width 100Hz

    video band width   100Hz

    Span   2MHz

    DDS is running with 25Mhz…

  • AD9954 Default Outputs


    I am interfacing AD9954 with microcontoller but before I upload he program or configure the DDS registers with SPI bus I want see the default output. Which port can give any output without programming the IC? What should it be? or If I can see any…

  • AD9954 synchronization problem


    I need to build test signal generator which produce three 27-30Mhz sinusoidal output signals with programmable phases. For this purpose I use 3 AD9954 connected as following.

    All this stuff is situated at single PCB. Initially I took as a reference…

  • AD9954 output frequencies


    I am using AD9954 to generate four set of frequencies sweep having different band width between 50MHz -100MHz (using four memory segment of 256) 

    Now I want to generate five set of frequency sweep (eg. 50-55MHz, 58-65MHz , 70-72MHz, 80-84MHz, and 95…

  • AD9954 synchronization problem

    Dear  Sir/Madam,

    More one   AD9954 synchronization problems, One AD9954 could output 3.2Khz sine signal, and  I want to control AD9954, one ouputs 3.2kHz signal, and another output 102.4kHz, the two signal ar…
  • Propagation delay on AD9954


    I am currently working on a design involving the AD9954. We are interested in knowing the propagation time between input REF_CLK/REF_CLKB and the  SYNC_CLK output when using an oscillator as a clock source and only the buffering of the block diagram…