• AD9954: Synchronization of 16 AD9954

    1.Our design uses the two options described on datasheet page 30. I.e.
    synchronizing with SYNC_IN and SYNC_CLK signals AND a single crystal driving
    multiple (=16) AD9954s. Do you recommend using it this way?
    2a.Datasheet section Synchronizing…
  • AD9954: Need to generate a quadrature signal synchronized to the output of the AD9954


    I have put/found my self in a bad situation, while designing a LCRZ-meter I researched several techniques and originally I was going to use 2 ADCs precisely timed to the DDS output of the AD9954. But since the design calls for a excitation signal…

  • Is it possible to make Spectrum Analyzer by using AD9954 or EVAL-AD9954 ?

    I want to make Spectrum Analyzer to  measure conducted EMI from  power converter (AC/DC-AC/DC).

    If it is possible to make Spectrum Analyzer form AD9954 then please help me.

  • RE: EVAL-AD9954


    Unfortunately, there is no published user guide for the EVAL-AD9954 but you can use the attached document as a user guide.


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  • RE: AD9954 output frequencies

    I am using RAM mode for frequency sweep

  • RE: AD9954 DVDD_IO


    The DVDD_I/O can be powered to 1.8V or 3.3V. You can use 1.8V for a single AD9954 but it should be set to 3.3V if multiple AD9954 will be synchronized.

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  • ad9954


  • RE: AD9954 has worse stability than AD9854

    Thanks for your reply

    I read the datasheets of AD9854 and AD9954, and it seems that the SFDR of DAC output signal of AD9854 is not as large as that of AD9954. But in the same measurement conditions, I found the amplitude distortion result of AD9854 is…

  • AD9954 synchronisation


    Assuming I have single ad9954 on my board and it doesn't need to be synchronized:

    1) I plan to turn off sync_clk output, what should I do with sinc_in pin?

    2) Which synchrinization mode I need to configure?

    3) I drive IO_UPDATE from async…

  • ad9954

    I am  evaluating AD9953 chip. We have  AD9954 evaluation board for the same.


    We are tried configuring AD9954 in  different modes,

    we are not able to  configure in linear sweep mode because it requires  PS0 and PS1 pins toggling.

    There is no option to…