• Eval kit for AD9951, AD9952, AD9953 and AD9954

    Does an Eval Board exist for the AD9951, AD9952, AD9953 and the AD9954?


    The family of DDS', AD9954, AD9953, AD9952 and the AD9951 use the same die,
    and the AD9954 has the most features.

    As sown here, the AD9954 can be used for evaluation…
  • AD9953: Crystal specification

    What kind of limits AD9953 has on crystal frequencies (connected to REFCLK and
    What kind of circuit drives the crystal in AD9953?


    For a typical circuit for the Ad9953 , see the circuit of the AD9954 attached.
    Exactly the…
  • RE: DDS AD9953 and AD9954

    Hi Sin,

    As a response to your question:

    1. For the AD9953, pin 11 (CLKMODESELECT) would be a 1.8V logic input.

    2. The AD9953 and AD9954 belongs to one DDS family. That is, the CLKMODESELECT of the AD9953 would follow that of the AD9954.

    3. I don't…

  • RE: DDS chip design support, 14-bit output DAC.

    The AD9953 is going to be the least expensive approach.  The AD9910 may have a little more flexibility, and you'd be able to get better SFDR owing to the higher sample rate; it would be the other device with 14 bit DAC that you might want to look at if…

  • How to generate a chirp with trigger by AD9953?

    Hi there,

    I have an AD9953 evaluation board. I can use a Arduino to control the AD9953 to generate a linear chirp( 1ms sweep time and 20MHz bandwidth). But I need to add a trigger to start the chirp for each burst. What is the best way to get the trigger…

  • Is it possible to generate customized form of signal by AD9953?

    Hi there,

    I am wondering if the AD9953 is able to generate a customized signal, for example a linear chirp (1ms duration and 20MHz bandwidth) with a Hamming window. So the amplitude will not be uniform and the frequency is linearly changing with time…

  • AD9953 application

    Sorry for repeating the same question sent to the support staff, for the hurries we have in this.

    We plan to use DDS AD9953 for a 4800bps shaped-BPSK direct digital modulator taking advantage of fine resolution that we need. AD9953 is recomended for…

  • RE: Pulse mode (PWM) through PWRDWNCTL AD9951

    As far as I know, in order to perform FSK I must use AD9953/4. Am I wrong?

  • Can I run an AD9953 with an Fsys = 4 MHz

    Can I run an AD9953 with an Fsys = 4 MHz.  We need an accurate 15 Hz sinewave.

  • RE: Synchronization of multiple AD9953


    The following should be considered in synchronizing multiple AD9953.

    1. All units must share a common clock source.

    2. Trace length and path impedance must be considered to keep the phase delay of the different clock branches as closely matched…