• AD9953: Crystal specification

    What kind of limits AD9953 has on crystal frequencies (connected to REFCLK and
    What kind of circuit drives the crystal in AD9953?


    For a typical circuit for the Ad9953 , see the circuit of the AD9954 attached.
    Exactly the same circuit…

  • AD9953: Design questions

    we have some questions regarding our current AD9953 Design. Would you please
    help us with that because the struggle costs lots of time.

    1) Power sequencing
    We have AVDD, DVDD = 1.8V and VDDIO = 3.3V, which supply has to be powered up
    first? Simultaneous…

  • Ad9953: Several issues

    We plan to use a crystal oscillator as reference clock (meaning not a discrete
    XTAL + capacitors, but one of these silver-cased integrated 5V clock sources).
    We would like to connect it single-ended to the refclock input of AD9953.
    In the datasheet…

  • AD9953: How to write RAM

    1. What is the sequence to send to the serial port in order to write the RAM?
      Is it    
    RamSerialAddr(0x0B) +  POW n°1 + rising_edge on IOupdate repeated for n POW
    RamSerialAddr(0x0B) +  POW n°1 + POWn°2 + ...+ POWn°n + rising_edge on…

  • AD9953's multiple sync. issue

    The product is being developed by synchronizing five AD9953s.
    It was confirmed that the basic synchronization function operates normally.
    In the process of resetting the DDS while verifying the operation under various conditions, symptoms were sometimes…

  • AD9953: Generating a signal in the 50-90MHz range

    I am trying to design a transmitter in the 50-90 MHz band for satellite
    communications. I want to generate a signal in this bandwidth directly using a
    DAC. Is there any analog devices converter able to do that? What is the minimum
    sample rate…

  • Eval kit for AD9951, AD9952, AD9953 and AD9954

    Does an Eval Board exist for the AD9951, AD9952, AD9953 and the AD9954?


    The family of DDS', AD9954, AD9953, AD9952 and the AD9951 use the same die,
    and the AD9954 has the most features.

    As sown here, the AD9954 can be used for evaluation of…

  • How to replace look up table in AD9953?

    The product was developed using the AD9953.
    I have a question about the operation of DDS while writing development documentation.

    In general DDS description, it is supposed to use look-up-table.
    However, I know that ADI's DDS applied an algorithm that calculates…

  • Signal type of AD9953 REFCLK input

    Currently, I am using LVPECL by entering the REFCLK input of the AD9953.

    Can I change LVPECL to LVDS and use it?

    The data sheet does not provide information regarding the properties of the REFCLK input signal.

    Please tell me the detailed specifications…