• Unable to find the IBIS model for AD9952 in design center. How to get the IBIS model for AD9952?

    We are searching for AD9952 IBIS model for signal integrity. We found the AD9954 IBIS model only. Can we use the same IBIS model for AD9952.

  • Programming AD9952


    I am trying to program an AD9952 to produce a 1MHz square wave however I am getting nothing from the Comparator Output pin. I used my scope and sniffed the SPI lines to confirm that I am sending the correct bytes. 

    void nco_Freq_Tunning(char FTW…

  • AD9952

    AD9952: not able to read registers, please help in configuring the IC 

  • AD9952: Pin connection

    ON generating the symbol for AD9952, we found a discrepancy in datasheet rev.0 
    on page 8 of 28 Pin 47 and 48 are there DVDD, on page 9 of 28 the same pins are
    DGND. What is correct pin layout (DVDD) or pin description (DGND)?


    Pins 47…
  • AD9952: Eval board

    Recently, I have bought Yours AD9952 evaluation board. I would, if possible,
    more informations about the power supply that needs, particular the current
    max, if is better
    a linear than a switchin regulator. More over, using an external…
  • AD9952: Pin connections

    I have carefully looked through the data book on AD9952. Can't understand how
    should I connect DACBP pin (DAC biasline decoupling pin) for AD9952. Would you
    clarify this please.


    1) DACBP is normally connected to ground via a series…
  • AD9952 Powerdown

    The datasheet lists only a full powerdown current of 27mW, but I suspect that that is only for the software powerdown mode.

    Our application is a low duty cycle battery application, so we are in powerdown 99% of the time, but that's not much help if we…

  • AD9952 Readback function


    I'm DFAE. I have a question about the readback function of AD9952 from my customer. 

    According to the datasheet of AD9952 and FAQ in ADI WEB site, the readback function of AD9952 seems to use for only a debug or a diagnostic tool. Is there a…

  • AD9952 question

    Can the DVDD_IO pin be tied to 2.5V? The datasheet only mentions specs for 1.8V and 3.3V; are in between voltages permissible?

  • AD9951 vs AD9952

    Can someone tell me what the difference is between these two DDS chips?  The parametric search gives identical values.