• Eval kit for AD9951, AD9952, AD9953 and AD9954

    Does an Eval Board exist for the AD9951, AD9952, AD9953 and the AD9954?


    The family of DDS', AD9954, AD9953, AD9952 and the AD9951 use the same die,
    and the AD9954 has the most features.

    As sown here, the AD9954 can be used for evaluation…
  • Unable to find the IBIS model for AD9952 in design center. How to get the IBIS model for AD9952?

    We are searching for AD9952 IBIS model for signal integrity. We found the AD9954 IBIS model only. Can we use the same IBIS model for AD9952.

  • RE: 100Hz to 1.25MHz signal generation with AD9952


    we are now measuring AD9952 output with AD7760, the spectrum is bit cleaner but we have not seen better that 76dB SNR yet..

    Setup: AD9912 generating 80MHz, filtered with microcircuits LFCN-80 80MHz low pass, CMOS divider set to 2, CMOS output…

  • AD9952

    AD9952: not able to read registers, please help in configuring the IC 

  • RE: Which is best, AD9952 or AD9958 in terms of near frequency noise?

    Hi Dany,

    As far as comparing the SFDR plots in both data sheets, they are not quite apples to apples.

    For the AD9958 plot, the input attenuation is 20db and the AD9952 plot is 10db. Also, the RBW in

    the AD9958 plot is 500Hz whereas the AD9952 plot…

  • AD9952: Pin function of 47 and 48

    In AD9952 Datasheet (rev.0) the Pin Function Descriptions (page 9) states that
    pins 47 and 48 are DGND. However, in Figure 3 (pin configuration, page 8) these
    two pins are marked as DVDD! Which one is correct?


    Pins 47 and 48 of the…
  • AD9952: Pin connection

    ON generating the symbol for AD9952, we found a discrepancy in datasheet rev.0 
    on page 8 of 28 Pin 47 and 48 are there DVDD, on page 9 of 28 the same pins are
    DGND. What is correct pin layout (DVDD) or pin description (DGND)?


    Pins 47…
  • LDC - AD9952 not able to configure

    AD9952 is not producing any clock on pin 10 (crystal out)buffer output. Through spi communication trying to configure the register but, no response. what may be the issue. what is the clock phase and clock polarity for this chip.

    I am using AD9952 in…

  • Programming AD9952


    I am trying to program an AD9952 to produce a 1MHz square wave however I am getting nothing from the Comparator Output pin. I used my scope and sniffed the SPI lines to confirm that I am sending the correct bytes. 

    void nco_Freq_Tunning(char FTW…

  • AD9952 question

    Can the DVDD_IO pin be tied to 2.5V? The datasheet only mentions specs for 1.8V and 3.3V; are in between voltages permissible?