• AD9945能否直接用作普通ADC?



  • AD9945 addtion of Startup Register (PCN 11_0006). How to handle mixed stock of parts pre and post PCN

    PCN 11_0006 says AD9945 has got a new SPI register. As mentioned in the Rev B
    datasheet, the value 0x838 has to be written into the new register at startup.
    How can I handle mixed stock of parts pre and post PCN 11_0006.


    There is not two revs…

  • AD9945转换数据错误

    最近在做采用STM32F103ZET6驱动TCD1209,其中数模转换用的时AD9945,但是在驱动过程中,AD9945有数据的输出,但是输出的数据传输到上位机之后画出来的波形完全不是CCD输出的信号,转换数据错误,驱动时序我是采用定时器PWM波产生的,再通过外围的逻辑转换芯片得到的TIM_SetCompare1(TIM4,60);TIM_SetCompare2(TIM4,20);TIM_SetCompare3(TIM4,38);//产生的是SHP,SHD,SDATA TIM_SetCompare1…

  • What's the test mode of ad9945 ?

    I wonder two question with ad9945m the ccd releate chip .

    1. What's the test mode mean in the internal register map.

    2. Can i read these internal registers value? or these registers just support written?

  • Input Voltage for AD9945


    I have come across a commercial design wherein a 5.5V video output is directly connected to Vin of AD9945. According to its datasheet, AD9945 does not provide support for Vin greater than 1V.

    Link to circuit element (pin 1 of U7 TCD1209 is connected…

  • AD9945 configuration

     Hello sir,

    I am new to AD9945. I have given linear ccd signal output to AD9945 series with 0.1uf capacitor.The signal voltage in CCDin pin is 1.56V. And i checked REFB, REFA voltage is 2.1v and 1.1v. In the data out i used only MSB 8 bits now. In this…

  • AD9945 Optical Black Clamp


    AD9945 has an Optical Black Clamp function as describled in below but with very few information. Could you help provide more information on how to use this clamp level register to get the best system accuracy performance?

    Thanks a lot!


  • Use AD9945 interface OVM6946


    I am trying to use AD9945 to digitize the raw analog signal from CMOS imaging sensor OVM6946 from OmniVision.

    I read the Datasheet of AD9945 and it is for CCD sensor. 

    I am wondering if it is okay to use it for CMOS sensor.



  • AD9945与STM32的外部引脚连接以及SPI通信时序