• AD9914 SYNC_CLK issue

    Hi ADI Engineer,

    I had recevied a project about AD9914 the purpose is use parallel mode  to control AD9914. But we found that SYNC_CLK output a singal<2voltage which can't sampling on fpga so we decide use amplification circuit. Our problem is origin …

  • AD9914 Direct mode Amplitude

    Hi ADI Engineer

    I'm using FPGA to control AD9914 with direct mode my confuse is why i can't change amplitude.

    My ref clk is 3.5ghz

    This is my step:

    1.set F[3:0] to 0001

    2. Master_Reset

    3.write to register CRF1[15:8] to 0x03 other default


  • Ad9914 SYNC_CLK problem

    Hi, We are using AD9914 in our board. After power up,we set the master reset to 1 to reset the ad9914,then we set the  master reset to 0.we need to see the SYNC_CLK output at the pin 82. When the  temperature is 25℃,we can see it,but when  the  temperature is…


    I'm new on FPGA i have recivied new project which require parallel contron AD9914.
    I already read datasheet,now my question is how can i write/read a data to a register? 

  • RE: AD9914 Sweep rate


    Assuming a system clock frequency of 3.5GHz and a frequency step of 1MHz, you can set your rising and falling sweep rates to 10us to 20us in order to achieve a pulse duration of 10ms to 20ms. This was determined by computing for the number of ste…

  • AD9914 Frequency Offset Problem

    Hi there, 

    I have a rather odd problem with outputting a single tone from AD9914. I'm programming the chip via Arduino (serial) and when entering a frequency register (copied from evaluation software) , there is the following offset from what is programmed…

  • Ad9914 SYNC_CLK power problem

    Hi, We are using AD9914 in our board. After power up, we need to see the SYNC_CLK output at the pin 82,we use the the oscilloscope to see it ,whe the temperature is 25℃,its power is 1.8V。whe the temperature is 0℃,its power is 2.2V。Dose the  power of the  SYNC_CLK…

  • Low Output Power Problem on AD9914

    REF_CLK was applied to the product at 10 MHz, and the program was set as follows.

    After that, the frequency was set to 10 MHz and 50 MHz in profile mode and output in turn.

    However, the oscilloscope's results window showed the correct frequency, but…

  • Problem with usb connection of DDS AD9914

    Recently, I have encountered a problem with my newly bought DDS AD 9914. The USB connection was working before but next day I connected it again to the PC it started showing the following error. I have tried restarting the computer and USB driver reinstallation…

  • RE: AD9914 heat dissipation (eval board)

    Hi  ,

    Just want to ask whether your AD9914 has an output?

    These suggestions might also help and is worth a try:

    1. Can you double check the soldering of the pins of AD9914?
    2. Can you take temperature measurements of the whole board to check if any…