• Ad9914 SYNC_CLK problem

    Hi, We are using AD9914 in our board. After power up,we set the master reset to 1 to reset the ad9914,then we set the  master reset to 0.we need to see the SYNC_CLK output at the pin 82. When the  temperature is 25℃,we can see it,but when  the  temperature is…

  • Ad9914 SYNC_CLK power problem

    Hi, We are using AD9914 in our board. After power up, we need to see the SYNC_CLK output at the pin 82,we use the the oscilloscope to see it ,whe the temperature is 25℃,its power is 1.8V。whe the temperature is 0℃,its power is 2.2V。Dose the  power of the  SYNC_CLK…

  • AD9914 Frequency Offset Problem

    Hi there, 

    I have a rather odd problem with outputting a single tone from AD9914. I'm programming the chip via Arduino (serial) and when entering a frequency register (copied from evaluation software) , there is the following offset from what is programmed…

  • AD9914 direct mode setting with PLL Multiplier

    I want to use FPGA to control Ad9914 direct Mode.

    I let the F[0:3]=0010.

    Let VCC usb to be disabled.

    Connect the 125MHZ  to the ref clock. 

    But the board didn't work.

    Should I need to setting anything else before using the direct mode?

    Or does anyone…

  • AD9914/AD9915 SFDR Specification

    Why is the AD9915 SFDR specification better than the AD9914?


    Because as the sample rate increases, it is more challenging to hold to good
    SFDR.  If you use the  AD9914 at 2.5GHz or less, it will have equivalent
    performance to the AD9915.

  • AD9914/AD9915 REFCLK Multiplier

    How good is the AD9914/AD9915 REFCLK multiplier?


    It’s better, at least a little, than those on previous DDS products, but it
    will still limit your performance compared to a very clean driven clock signal
    at the desired sample rate.

  • AD9914 - connection to an uC

    Could you please send me the source code for the AD9914 Eval Board?


    I do not believe the software source code is what your customer needs. Instead,
    I am sending you some of the code we used in the lab to communicate and
    evaluate the AD9914. We…


    I'm new on FPGA i have recivied new project which require parallel contron AD9914.
    I already read datasheet,now my question is how can i write/read a data to a register? 

  • AD9914/AD9915 Super Nyquist Zones

    Will these devices work in Super Nyquist zones?


    Yes, as with other DDS products, you will likely want to use a bandpass filter
    if you plan to go Super Nyquist.