• RE: Evaluation Board of AD9914

    Fundamentally, the frequency jump feature should work as described in the data sheet regardless of the value of P or N. However, there are multiple issues to consider in regard to your test method.

    First, the DRCTL pin is not an asynchronous control pin…

  • AD9914 not writing SPI to registers / AD9914 questions for a newbie

    Hi, so i'm fairly new to using this board and the beaglebone black that i'm using to program it over SPI, however I believe what i'm doing is correct so far and am looking for where i've gone wrong. At the moment i'm feeding the board a 32 MHz signal…

  • AD9914: Phase control with DRG

    Hello, I am using AD9914 for LFM signal.

    I'm going to make a LFM waveform with a different starting phase.

    I'm trying in the following way.

    1. Set register: CFR1-x"0003_6308" / CFR2-x"004C_2B00" / DRG upper/lower/slope etc... at this time Function…

  • RE: AD9914 Evaluation board keeps frozen

    Hello Mark,

    Thank you for your suggestions. 

    1. I am using two USB cables to connect two AD9914 Evaluation boards, though the two boards are powered by the same power supply. Both boards give the same problem. I think this implies it is not a USB cable…

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  • EVAL-AD9914


             I tried to use EVAL-AD9914 to generate a single frequency signal. When I set the parameters on the test board, I connected the single ended dac out to the oscilloscope but did not get any signal output.

  • AD9914 Calibration

    Application and Circuit Description

    We are using the AD9914 (DDS) to generate a 900MHz frequency modulated signal as part of a transmitter product. The reference to the AD9914 can be either a 2.4GHz or a 3.25GHz LVPECL signal. A differential 2:1 LVPECL…


    Hi everyone,

    Using the AD9914 with 3.5Ghz external reference, placed on a 4 layers PCB size 50x80mm, with 2 layers (inner1 & bottom) being GND connected to the package's thermal pad with 25 x 0.2mm VIAs.

    Working temperature is 70ºC (30ºC ambient…

  • AD9914

    I am giving pulses at different frequencies as an input to AD9914. How much time AD9914 requires to load another pulses?