• RE: AD9914 source code


    Here are some of the threads with codes for the AD9914.

    AD9914's software 

    AD9914 Evaluation Board control firmware and software support 

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  • RE: AD9914 DAC calibration

    I'm talking about how long the ad9914 can be powered on to write data

  • Comment on What is the difference between the AD9914 and AD9915?

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    so they are not as useful on the AD9914.

    -->Did you mean AD9914 can't do the Sync. function?

    If not , does AD9914 has the application note for synchronous?

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  • Manual vs. automatic OSK mode in AD9914

    Rev F of the AD9914 datasheet says :


    When CFR1.BIT9 = 0, CFR1.BIT8 = 1  AD9914 in manual OSK mode

    When CFR1.BIT9 = 1, CFR1.BIT8 = 1 AD9914 in automatic OSK mode


    A customer was testing AD9914 and found only setting both bit=1 makes AD9914 work at manual…

  • RE: AD9914 on labVIEW

    Hello. I havn't played around with labVIEW, but i managed to reverse engineer a header for a sheel interface I was building in c++. Take a look at it and see whether you can use it. I just learned programming c++ so forgive my code smells, any critic…

  • AD9914

    I am giving pulses at different frequencies as an input to AD9914. How much time AD9914 requires to load another pulses?

  • AD9914 vs AD9915

    Is there actually any differences between the ICs of AD9914 and AD9915 parts or are they just binned?

    Is the SFDR spec on the AD9915 (-57 dBc) better than the AD9914 (-50 dBc) because the clock rate is lower, or because they are manufactured differently…

  • RE: Clarification on the Evaluation board of AD9914


    I would like to know what phase noise plot were you referring to in the datasheet?

    The AD9914 eval board was designed to meet the specifications of the AD9914. So far, the ADCLK925 did not contribute to any spurious that affected the performance…