• Unused pins on AD9913

    Hi.  I would like to use only the serial port on the AD9913.  Also, I do not need multiple profiles.  In this case, what should be done with the parallel port and profile select pins (ADR0/D0, ADR1/D1, ADR2/D2, PS0/ADR3/D3, PS1/ADR4/D4, PS2/ADR5/D5, ADR6…

  • DDS AD9913 output power

    I want to use DDS chip AD9913 for a project. In the data sheet, the SFDR plot shows an output level of -15dBm, however ADISIMDDS shows it close to 0dBm. Can anyone please guide that whats the actual output power I can expect? 0dBm or -15dBm

  • AD9913 programming issues

    Dear Community,

    I am trying to figure out how to program the AD9913 synthesizer IC using an SPI bus. To do so I am using an STM32F407 µC ‘ SPI Interface which I level shifted using an resistor diode combination (see circuit.png) that is connected to…

  • ad9913 programming

    I need for 9913 programming.  I want to see something on out pin.

    code is:

    DDS_CS_ON; // 0 on 28 pin

    DDS_RESET_OFF; //0 on 25 pn

    IO_UPDATE_0; /0 on 27 pin

    SPI_send(0x3); //FTW programming

    SPI_send(0xAA); // bits 0-7

    SPI_send(0xBB);// bits 8-15

  • AD9913 Spontaneous Reset?


    We have implemented the AD9913 in a design very simular to that of the AD9913 evalution board.

    Board information:

             Connections to AD9913 chip:

    - Reference clock: 25 MHz Crystal Oscillator

    - Seperate 1,8V power supply for analog and digital pins…

  • AD9913 serial interface

    I would like to control an AD9913 via 3-wire serial interface (CS, SCLK, SDATA) but from reading the datasheet I am unclear if I have to also use the IO_UPDATE input line.  Can I connect IO_UPDATE to VDD?

    I only want to use the DDS in single tone mode…

  • AD9913 programming troubleshooting


    I have a programming problem with an AD9913. I also have an AD9912 which I have no difficulties in managing. But the AD9913 causes some head scratching even afte looking at some of the other posts in the forum.

    My design for the AD9913

    • CS to…
  • AD9913 Sweep Problem

    Has anyone had success making the AD9913 ramp down in frequency while in edge triggered mode with the no dwell bit active?  The data sheet indicates that the part can perform this ramp but I can't make my design or the evaluation board execute it.

  • AD9913 output reconstruction

    Dear all, 

    I'm trying to interface a AD9913 DDS to a bandpass filter. The idea is that the AD9913 generates a sweep from 48 to 53 MHz (done!).  I use the bandpass filter to reconstruct the DDS output and the output of the bandpass filter is fed into…

  • AD9913 Evaluation Board


    This is my first-time post in engineer zone and hope to get some help here.

    We are using AD9913 in one of our projects. We bought the AD9913 evaluation board and we followed their design of the output stage on our PCB. (See the picture below).