• AD9913 interfacing circuit

    Hi all, how to connect the AD9913 chips for interfacing? Have any schematic diagram of the complete AD9913 chips module for me to refer?


  • AD9913 Phase Reset

    Hi all,

    We have been using the AD9913 DDS to produce a short duration linear frequency sweep (a few microsecond chirp). Ideally, we want to start and finish the sweep at 0 phase, to make as clean a waveform as possible. 

    We achieved this using the fast recovery…

  • schematic diagram to control AD9913

    Hi all, I just bought a AD9913, does anyone have the schematic circuit diagram to connect the pins of AD9913 for interfacing?


  • AD9913 MASTER_RESET mandatory?


    we want to use 3 pieces of AD9913 on our application and keep the board complexity low.

    Is it mandatory to issue a device reset via the MASTER_RESET pin or can the pin simply be grounded?

    Thanks, Tom

  • AD9913 Communication Failure

    Hi everyone,

    My team and I have been working on a little RF-Controller project. The goal of the project is to produce a 3MHz signal , with serial programming, through the AD9913 from adjusting it's frequency tuning word (FTW). However, it doesn't seem…

  • AD9913 - Electromagnetic Susceptibility Test Failure


    I could find that AD9913 is failing one EMC susceptibility test: When applying 10V/m @ 250MHz, device stop working.

    Test has been run using a TEMCell. AD9913 is running on a custom PCB using a 25MHz quartz. Internal clock is running at 250MHz…

  • URGENT - AD9913 - quartz cristal characteristics

    • Hello

    AD9913 datasheet does not specify quartz cristal characteristics

    What are the absolute maximum for 25MHz cristal characteristics to be used together with 39pF capacitors

    - ppm ? 10 - 50 ppm ?

    - capacitance ? 4,8, 12, 16, 20 pF ?

    - ESR ? 50 …

  • RE: Sync Multiple AD9913

    Hi Louijie,

    Per datasheet of AD9913, SYNC_CLK is an output of AD9913, then exact synchronization of multiple AD9913 requires that the SYNC_CLK output of multile AD9913 have same timing(rising/falling edge time) when they have the same REF_CLK input.