• AD9913 interfacing with LabVIEW

    Hi, I am planning to control the AD9913 by using LabVIEW. But I am newbie in this, and I don't have the evaluation board for AD9913. Does anyone know how to connect the AD9913 in order to program it with LabVIEW?

  • AD9913

    What is the minimum reference clock frequency input for the AD9913, both with and without the PLL multiplier enabled?


  • ad9913

    Hi, on the AD9913, how much worse should the phase noise be when the PLL is engaged (2x multiplication) vs.

    when it is direct fed? In this specific case:

    Fref: 90 MHz  = sysclk


    Fref: 90MHz using PLL=2x, 180 MHz = sysclk

    For a FIXED output frequency…

  • Pulse shaping in DDS

    We are using AD9913 in our product. We need pulse shaping from DAC output instead of constant amplitude for generation of FSK. Kindly suggest how we can achieve this from AD9913. If not possible in AD9913, kindly suggest us alternate device/method.

  • RE: Does frequency stability vs temperature vary with pll multiplier....?


    As per stated in the AD9913 datasheet, AD9913 supports a number of options for producing the internal SYSCLK signal. It can be crystal-driven, direct-driven, or cmos-driven with PLL as bypassed or enabled. However, if using crystal as reference clock…

  • AD9913 interfacing circuit

    Hi all, how to connect the AD9913 chips for interfacing? Have any schematic diagram of the complete AD9913 chips module for me to refer?


  • schematic diagram to control AD9913

    Hi all, I just bought a AD9913, does anyone have the schematic circuit diagram to connect the pins of AD9913 for interfacing?


  • RE: Can't install driver of AD9913 eval board on Win7 64-bit


    May I know what software rev you use? Just to be sure that we're on the same page, I suggest you use the eval software in the AD9913 page: AD9913 Evaluation Board | Analog Devices

    Going back, kindly uninstall the eval software of AD9913 and…

  • Polar modulation in AD9913

    We are using AD9913 in our product. We want to use this DDS as polar modulator in our design. Kindly suggest how we can achieve this from AD9913.