• RE: AD9913 Communication Failure


    I would recommend you to download AD9913 evaluation software and to

    - set it to match your initial condition

    - use the binary viewer to check all registers values

    - double check size of all registers. They are not all at the same size. Any overflow…

  • RE: AD9913 MASTER_RESET mandatory?

    Hi Tom,

    I think this is feasible. Just use a power supply with rapid turn-on so that the circuit will not malfunction.

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  • RE: AD9913 - Electromagnetic Susceptibility Test Failure


    The device is not inherently designed to operate under EMC impairment. The introduced impairment of 10V/m @ 250MHz is at the same frequency as the system clock. This is likely imposing excessive jitter on the system clock resulting in internal setup…

  • RE: URGENT - AD9913 - quartz cristal characteristics


    I would recommend using the crystals used in some of the DDS evaluation boards: HC49SD_25MHZ or FOXSDLF/250F-20. You can then use the specifications of these crystals as a guide for the absolute maximum values.

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  • AD9913

    What is the minimum reference clock frequency input for the AD9913, both with and without the PLL multiplier enabled?


  • ad9913

    Hi, on the AD9913, how much worse should the phase noise be when the PLL is engaged (2x multiplication) vs.

    when it is direct fed? In this specific case:

    Fref: 90 MHz  = sysclk


    Fref: 90MHz using PLL=2x, 180 MHz = sysclk

    For a FIXED output frequency…

  • AD9913 interfacing circuit

    Hi all, how to connect the AD9913 chips for interfacing? Have any schematic diagram of the complete AD9913 chips module for me to refer?


  • AD9913 profiles configuration


    I can see  in my design strange behavior linked to the profiles configuration on AD9913.The component configuration is:

    16MHz input multiplied by 15 = 240MHz, switching mode, serial configuration (SPI 200kbps)

    The issue is:

    I configure profiles…

  • Sync Multiple AD9913

    Hey all - I have two AD9913 running from the same clock. Need a defined phase shift between them. I assume I can do this by,

    1) Program the devices registers as required.

    2) Use IO_UPDATE to load both devices at the same time (IO_UPDATE is routed to…

  • AD9913 SYNC_CLK

    I have an AD9913 evaluation board and I'm trying to monitor the SYNC_CLK signal at the J2 connector.  There is no signal at this connector, just +1.8VDC.  I have also probed the SYNC_CLK pin at the AD9913 device and found the same result.  What should…