• AD9912

    What is the reason for a 250MHz minimum frequency for SYSCLK on the 9912 DDS? I would like to run it at 100MHz or lower.

    It seems peculiar that it would have a lower frequency limit. What sets the lower frequency limit? Thanks

  • AD9912 clock problem

    Hi FormerMember, , FormerMember, 

    We are using the AD9912 based PCB in our project.

    1) The initial SPI communication was up. But the device part ID read as 0x1982 instead of 0x1902 in the datasheet. Is that a problem?

    2) We have given the…

  • ad9912 input ***


    i have applied input clock to AD9912 of 10 MHz, but in output i am getting a modulated signel . how can i lock the output without modulation,

  • AD9912 NBSFDR

    i am using AD9912 as Local oscillator,i have operated it in two mode

    a) pll bypass mode(1GHz clk from sig gen)

    b) pll enable mul=40(25 mhz clk from sig gen).

    NB SFDR  difference b/w two case is about 20dB means in case a  NBSFDR is 20 dB more.

    is it…

  • AD9912 Sychronization


    I know that the AD9910 DDS fed with a 1GHz reference runs on a 250MHz clock called SYNC_CLK and all internal changes like IOUPDATE occur on the rising edge of this SYNC_CLK. I wonder whether there is a similar internal sync clk for the AD9912…

  • AD9912: Sync multiple devices

    Synchronizing Multiple AD9912 DDS devices. I am looking at an application with
    multiple DDS devices working together. Though the AD9910 enables this feature I
    prefer working with the AD9912 because of it's: Lower power dissipation
  • Input synchronization for AD9912


    I use AD9912. I need to make synchronization for AD9912 from external signal. AD9912 doesn't have SYNC IN pin. I use microcontroller to config AD9912. How is it avalibale to make it?



  • AD9912 max achievable output


    I have used AD9912 for generating up to 300 Mhz.

    Now , I have requirement of generating 500 Mhz output.

    1. Is it possible to achieve that frequency output with AD9912.
    •      Is there any addition circuit required


    •      It can achieved…
  • sinusoidal output of AD9912

    Hi all,

    I am using AD9912 evaluation board (Rev. B).

    I am trying to produce 400MHz sinusoidal output.

    I use 25MHz sinusoidal input for external clock without clock multiplier.

    I did not do any modification on the evaluation board.

    My problem…

  • AD9912: maximum PFD frequency

    I have a question about the input system clock of AD9912.
    The maximum input frequency range is 200MHz without SYSCLK PLL Doubler shown as
    the figure 1.
    But the maximum input rate of system clock PFD is only 100MHz, so I think the