• AD9911

    Requirement : generation of frequency from 120 to 230 MHz with min 100Hz step size.

    Will AD9911 be sufficient for that?

    what is frequency resolution for AD9911 in Hz?

  • Termination Ref_clk of AD9911 question


    I use AD9911 in my design. we have LVPECL driver to drive differential clock to REF_CLK+/- of AD9911. I want to add Thevenin termination at AD9911. But I found in the datasheet of AD9911, it says Reference clock in first mode (logic low), ".. must…

  • RE: 关于AD9911工作电流的问题,请求帮助



  • RE: AD9858

    thank you for your reply

    However, even if I is 0 DFRRW in the sweep does not stop?

    Do you have an answer

    best regards

    my code below:

    / ************************************************* *********************** /

    / * /

    / * Main () variable…

  • Do I must use the PIN MASTER_RESET in AD9911?

    Hello, I am working on the AD9911 with a DSP. In the control line, I found this device do not have a pin I/O_RESET as in AD9910, and I confused with use of reseting device.

    Does this pin MASTER_RESET must be  connect out and be used?  When starting up…

  • RE: AD9911 Evaluation soft can operate win7 or 8


    Unfortunately no. The AD9911 eval software does not operate on either Win7 or Win8.

  • Comment on DDS Features Chart

    v5.3 - Corrected AD9911, AD9958, and AD9959 to show they do include an OOK

  • AD9911 modulation

    Hello all,

    I’m trying to realize amplitude modulation on the DDS AD9911. But I do something wrong. For example, I want to implement 2-Level Modulation without RU/RD. I write to the DDS:

    CSR - 0x22

    FR1  - 0x00,0x00,0x00

    CFR - 0x40,0x03,0x03

    CTW0 …


    I have purchased a AD991 Evalboard. With it came software and drivers. I'm working on a project where I need to use the function multi tone modulation, but the only functions included is Spur reduction mode and Test tone modulation. Have I missed something…

  • RE: I am having a problem with installing AD9911 eval board USB driver on my windows 7.Please help


    The enable EEPROM jumper for the AD9911 evaluation board is W9.

    Best regards,