• RE: AD9910 optimum Open Loop Bandwidth

    Hi Katsuhiro,

    Apologies for the late response for your thread have been overlooked.

    Optimum loop bandwidth must be assessed according to the phase noise of the external reference source and the PLL VCO. Narrowing the loop bandwidth suppresses more of…

  • RE: The AD9910 Inverse Sinc feature is not working properly on the AD9910 evaluation board.

    This is cause is most likely the frequency response of the external Transformer / Reconstruction filter use on the evaluation board and not the AD9910, if the inverse sinc is enabled.

    To test, they could remove the transformer and ac couple across transformer…

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    About AD9910 Abnormal Power Technology Advisory at Low Temperature

    (Help needed regarding the fault of AD9910 at power-on in low temperature condition)


    (Fault description: AD9910 is used for frequency-dividing, with reference input of 480MHz…

  • AD9910 DUT not detected when REF Clock set to XTAL

    I got an AD9910/PCBZ evaluation board and I'm trying to get it up and running. I got the drivers installed and the software is running on W10.

    Using the supplied excel sheet I calculated a matching loop filter and populated it (R37 1k (949 calc), C13…

  • AD9910 Gerbers

    Hi Engineerzone,

    I have a query regarding the gerber files provided for the AD9910 evaluation board on the ADI website. The evaluation board has worked very well for us and I'm taking a closer look at integrating the chip onto my own PCB using the layout…

  • AD9910


          I am using the AD9910 for the first time, I was hoping to know how to set it up for frequency sweeping

    Thank you

  • AD9910 EVM?


    I am using ad9910 evm to generate linear fmcw baseband signal e.g.0MHz TO 10MHz in DRG or RAM mode.

    The setting is

                    continuous re-circulate or continuous bi-directional ramp in RAM mode;

                    ram data type: frequency;

                    system clock:100MHz;



    On the DDS chip AD9910, pin 94 is a REFCLK_OUT.It is a current output and its output current can be controlled 2 bits,DRV0 Bits (CFR3[29:28]). The datasheet does not specify its range of output, what is the range of the expected output current of this…