• ABOUT AD9910

    Can ad9910 generate a pulse signal? For example, can it generate a pulse with a width of 10us and a bandwidth of 150mhz-300mhz? Thank you very much.

  • AD9910 DRG模式




  • AD9910 25Mhz Crystal Settings How To?

    The AD9910 data sheet is not specific in a number of areas that seem important, but maybe I'm missing something. First of all, it references a clock multiplier of either 20x or 100x, but does not give any indication of how this is changed. Also, as…

  • AD9910: REFCLK termination

    In the AD9910's datasheet, it shows a circuit like Figure 1, used for LVPECL
    and LVDS input clock. For Termination, I am not sure how to consider it. For
    LVDS or LVPECL, I think the termination is different.


    If you wanted a LVDS termination…

  • DRG mode of AD9910

    At present, I am configuring the DRG mode of AD9910, the linear frequency modulation signal has been generated, but I want the signal to start and end at 0. I use osk to manually control it, can you tell me how to control it and the specific register…

  • Programming an AD9910 to produce a chirp wave form

    I am trying to get a gra-afch AD9910 to produce a chirp waveform in DRG mode using C++. I do not have access to the associated evaluation board, so I am just trying to directly program it. I have some C++ experience, but I am not even sure whether or…

  • AD9910 frequency update rate

    I am hoping to use one of your DDS devices as a chirp generator in a radar
    system I am currently developing.

    1) Am I correct in assuming that the AD9910 will allow me to generate a linear
    frequency ramp with a frequency step time interval / update…

  • AD9910: output filter design

    For AD9910, how do we get the LC parameter to build the 400MHz Low Pass Filter.
    Is there any software or equation that he can recommend to build the 180MHz Low
    Pass Filter?


    We use the program NuHertz to develop our filters on the evaluation boards…

  • AD9910: REFCLK termination 2

    igure 2 is three circuit options for LVDS termination. In the first circuit,
    the 100 ohm resistor is after the capacitor. But in our AD9910 datasheet, the
    100 ohm resistor is before the capacitor. Is this correct?

                                   Figure 1

                                  Figure 2