• AD9910: DROVER pin active bit?


    I want to use the (ad9910) DRG in normal ramp generation, in the page number 29 of data sheet it states:" In Figure 39, a sample ramp waveform is depicted with the required control signals. The top trace is the DRG output. The next trace down…

  • RE: The AD9910 Inverse Sinc feature is not working properly on the AD9910 evaluation board.

    This is cause is most likely the frequency response of the external Transformer / Reconstruction filter use on the evaluation board and not the AD9910, if the inverse sinc is enabled.

    To test, they could remove the transformer and ac couple across transformer…

  • AD9910 is undetected by the software


    I have recently purchased an AD9910 evaluation board which has the following issues:

    1. I installed the software version 2.1.0 and USB connection between the software and board is working fine. But, the AD9910 board is undetected by the software …

  • RE: AD9910 Sinusoidal frequency modulation

    FM takes the form: B*sin(2*pi*f(t)*t + phi).

    B is the amplitude of the carrier and phi is an arbitrary phase offset. For this discussion, we can assume B and phi are constant. This leaves f(t), which is frequency as a function of time. f(t) takes the…

  • AD9910+PSK

    I'm investigating how to use ad9910 to realize BPSK modulation. If we want to realize BPSK modulation, what is the maximum code speed of BPSK modulation? When I saw that video, it said that each RAM can achieve a maximum speed of 4ns. Does that mean that…

  • RE: AD9910 Eval board issues?

    Hi Shane,

    I have the same problem as Pra-kash. But, this link is not working for me (ftp://ftp.analog.com/pub/css/resource/vaf/AD9910_Evbd_Programmer.zip). Can yo please send me this simplified EvalBoard programmer.



  • RE: AD9910 SPI not working


    Apologies for the late response. Kindly try to increase your reference clock input (minimum of 60MHz) or use the reference clock multiplier (with your 50MHz reference, minimum multiplier is 9 with VCO range of 420MHz to 485MHz) to increase the system…

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    About AD9910 Abnormal Power Technology Advisory at Low Temperature

    (Help needed regarding the fault of AD9910 at power-on in low temperature condition)


    (Fault description: AD9910 is used for frequency-dividing, with reference input of 480MHz…