• AD9889B: does the AD9889B support the format 1080i50

    I wanted to know if AD9889B supports the Video Format 1080i-50?


    Yes, the AD9889B does support 1080i50. As long as a format is within the
    maximum clock range (150MHz), then it can be supported. There is nothing that
    is specific to the…
  • AD9889B setup


      I am using the AD9889B on for a project.    I have previously been able to make

    this work but I am having problems now and cannot repeat my results.  I am

    trying to set 0x41[0] to ‘0’ to power up.    When I plug in the HDMI cable,

    register 0x41…

  • ad9889b

    HI ,I use the AD9889B,when  the input format is rgb and output format is rgb  ,   everything is ok

    But ,The format I want is Ycbcr, when I set the input format ycbcr and output format ycbcr( 4:4:4 and  4:2:2 ) , the display on the screen is not right,the 

  • AD9889B Eval Board



    We have AD9889B eval board. When we try to connect with PC through USB cable its scanning for driver. But its not getting the driver file. In Device Manager it shows as “Unknown Device”. So we not able to configure the device with ATV Evaluation…

  • AD9889B support files


    I am new with AD9889B and I'd need development software to progress faster in the bring-up of a new board and demo it. I think there are development kit manual, I2C tools and examples available ? To start with, I just need to boot the AD9889B and…

  • AD9889B I2C

    Is it possible to use the AD9889B without a I2C bus? If it is, does it just come up in a default configuration?

    Thank you,


  • AD9889B usage

    we are testing the AD9889B on a new board that is driven by an Altera Cyclone 4E FPGA. We have been trying various configuration and with a standard 720p60 colour bar pattern without any success. So far we only manage to get the monitor to respond with…

  • AD9889B power supply sequencing

    I want to know power supply sequencing of AD9889B AVDD/DVDD/PVDD.
    Can we apply any power supply sequence?
  • AD9889B DVI issue


    It's my first post on this forum. For several months, I work on an ARMadeus APF27 DevBoard which use an AD9889B HDMI/DVI Controler.

    From this board, i execute a GUI that I display on a computer screen with a HDMI/DVI converter.

    The ad9889b…

  • AD9889B with internal syncs

    I am having issues setting up the AD9889B to utilize 20 bit 4:2:2 YCrCb data with embedded syncs.

    The problem is that the part does not seem to recognize the video format (480i); register 0x3e and 0x3f simply returns 0x00.

    My setup is using video ID…