• RE: 问题: 关于ad9889的hdcp协议里的问题

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  • RE: AD's "Initial Preset_1080p.val" for AD9889 looks odd

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  • ADV7320/AD9889/ADV7441A: power sequence

    A customer is considering to use ADV7320/AD9889/ADV7441A for a certain video product.

    They can't find recommended power-on sequence including timing spec (e.g. within xx us from yy switching on) for those products on those datasheets.


  • AD9889 - Supporting 1080P60


    I am using the the AD9889 as part of a decoder. I get a stream of 1920x1080 @ 30fps. I sent this stream from the DSP to the AD9889 on the BT656 interface. I configure the AD9889 to output 1080P30 video mode on the HDMI. My question is - Can I…

  • When I try to write to I2C registers of the ADI HDMI transmitter, the register values do not change.  What is going on?

    • When Hot-Plug Detect (HPD) is low the HDMI Tx will automatically go into power down mode.

    • After an HPD interrupt, register 0x41[6] must be set to ‘0’ to power up the part

    • During power down all registers except for 0x97 – 0xAF are reset…

  • RE: AD9889B hdmi Interlaced output question


      It doesn't seems any mistake in configuration.And also if mistake in configuration, you could get incorrect output in monitor also.

      Have you verified the same with some other analytical instrument?

      By direct connection , you can able to see…

  • RE: ADV7513 remapping I2S input channels to HBR subpackets

    Hi Bogdan,

    I see this functionality has been in our HDMI transmitters since the AD9889:


    I'll need to talk with the ADV7511/ADV7513 experts about this functionality…

  • RE: Data sheet for ADV7513

    Hi Stefan,

    Application note AN-810 attached. This was an application note for the AD9889 which is why it was probably hard to find under ADV7513 documents.



  • AD8195: HDMI buffer and ESD protection

    Can I use the AD8195 HDMI buffer with the AD9889B HDMI transmitter as my system
    has a long cable run. If so what sort of interface issues between both should
    be aware of? 

    I see from an old AD9889 reference circuit that I found, the…
  • AD9889B/AD9389B Design Support Files

    Attached and linked are several files supporting the development of systems using the AD9889B (HDCP keys stored externally in EEPROM) or the AD9389B (HDCP keys stored internally).

    We recommend if you download and use these documents that you subscribe…