• AD9888 scripts

    when I did a search on AD9888 looking for scripts, the AD9880 design files came up.

    Can I assume that I can run the AD9880 scripts for the AD9888?


  • AD9888 power related issue


    Power relevant issue occurred on my customer's product on which AD9888 is used.

    The detail is as follows.

    The end-user powered up the product and keep on for more than 20,000 hours.

    After that, they turned off the product for the periodic…

  • A issue about AD9888 operation


        I am working with the AD9888 chip to capture VGA images. The resolution of the VGA image is 1280*1024 at 60 fps.  In room temperature, the output image displays normally, but when the temperature is below zero, -20 degree etc. , the output image…

  • AD9888 vertical noise - left/right pixel alternating


    We have two products that use the AD9888 as an analogue front end. We use the AD9888 to sample odd & even pixels which then get combined inside our FPGA.

    On both our products we see vertical noise on the left-hand pixel, which differs in magnitude…

  • AD9888 HDMI compatibiltiy issures with modern pro camcorders

    I am looking for an expert on the AD9888 HDMI Input Chip. So I am hoping somebody can give me an idea on a problem we have with the AD9888. 4 years ago we designed a few of this chip into our "presentation recorder" which is a special kind of lecture…

  • AD9888: What time is required to achieve a stable video output once the power down bit is de-asserted?

    How much time does the AD9888 need to settle on the video signal and deliver a
    stable video data output
    after the converter is taken out of power-down mode.


    We estimate that it takes about 20mS to achieve a stable image out once the…
  • RE: support VGA?


    ADI will shutdown AD9888? AD9888 has three types:140M,170M,205M, So AD9888 can support 1600*1200@60 and 1080p60. I don't understand what's the meaning is AD9888 is no longer supported.

    Thank you


  • RE: AD98xx  eval software I2C read bug when using LPT

    Hi Dave,

    Sorry for the delay as well,

    actually there is only the AD9888 and the I2C controller.

    In fact the AD9888  respond correctly , probably the AD9888 compensate for timing skew between SDA/SCL internally so from software point of view , it is…

  • RE: ADV7441A calculation of pll charge pump current

    Hello again,

    is for ADV7441A an Excel Sheet for PLL calculation available like AD9888 / AD9884?

    Thank you for your answer.

    best regards

    martin sauer