• RE: AD9887 support files require

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  • DVI to CVBS conversion


    I need to convert a DVI video feed to composite video (CVBS). I am currently looking at using a AD9887 or similar to receive the DVI signal and a ADV7170 to convert the digital video into composite. The questions I have regard the compatibility of…

  • RE: AD8194

    Hi daverowe,

    I've been testing with three kind of monitors:

    One of them has a DVI input (it has an AD9887), it works fine

    Other with DVI input and AD9880, it works fine

    Other with DVI and HDMI inputs (AD8194 and AD9880), The DVI input doesn't…

  • RE: ADV7441A pixel errors on UXGA 162MHz

    We have tried the settings that we found for the evaluation board. We tried a lot, so we are convinced that

    with Reg settings we will not come to success. This is some kind of TMDS or PLL problem,

    we are shure about that because there is one DVI source…