• AD9874: Test registers

    Our customer has some problems with TEST REGISTERS (0x37 ... 0x3E). The AD9874
    functionality depends on status of these registers, and they worked with these
    bits using hit-and-miss method, but now they want to get detailed description
    of these…

  • AD9874: VCM pin external clock input

    First, in the block diagram on the first page of the datasheet, there is a VCM
    output pin. However we did not find a corresponding pin in the pin function
    descriptions. Is this pin same as RREF pin?
    Second, if I place the CLK SYN into standby mode…

  • AD9874 - Random DC offset in IQ data

    Dear colleagues,

    After the AD9874 startup I have constant DC offset in IQ data. This offset is constant until the next AD9874 startup. Each startup results in in different offset value. In most cases the offset is too big and results in unacceptable system…

  • AD9874 - Allowed MAx Frequency at the input of ADC


    I would like to know what is the allowed Maximum frequency at the input of sigma-delta ADC (not the IF input) if the ADC can do under-sampling. I want to use IF channel filters (10.7MHz, 21.4MHz, 70MHz...) before ADC. 

    Thanks in adcance,


  • AD9874 -- How it works without voltage reference


    For project purpose, I expect to source LO and CLK with one 18MHz directly, which means I'll disable the LO synthesizer, the clock synthesizer, and the reference voltage. The IF input for the project is 15.75MHz. I made the following changes…

  • AD9874 PLL loop filters design


    I intend to use AD9874 in an HF radio receiver.
    Unfortunately, I could not design the loop filters of LO PLL and Clock PLL for AD9864, because ADIsimPLL does not provide its model in the list. Could you help me to carry out the design?

    I attach my…

  • AD9874  FREF


    I  was wondering if I provide an LO directly to LOP/LON rather than using a VCO, and set bit 7 of STBY register 0x00 to 1,  what should I do to the FREF pin (PIN#35)? Can I pull it to GND directly?



  • Visual analog AD9874 canvas


    Could you write, where can I read about data capture control and external trigger of the AD9874?

    Also I kindly ask you to answer my previous question

    Visual analog demodulation 

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards

    Sergey G

  • RE: AD9874 freqency IQ

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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