• Synchronous serial Port (SSI) and SPORT

    Are Synchronous Serial Port(SSI) of AD9874 IF Digitazation IC same as the SPORT of SHARC.- 21489.

    Can I connect ADSP-21489  and AD9874 via SPORT.

    Is AD9874 Recommended for new design.





    Equation for LOSC and COSC is provided above in figure 7a that you posted in original post.  This equation is an estimate but typically one needs to experiment a little to modify values such that the charge pump output (TP1) is around mid-supply…

  • Using the bandpass sigma delta ADC in AD9874?

    Our application is a narrow band I/Q signal at around 2.6MHz, that seems to fall on the input range of the IF2 signal in AD9874.

    Can we bypass the LNA and mixer front end of the AD9874 and just use the bandpass sigma delta ADC in AD9874 by directly feeding…

  • RE: The Receiver is not accepting the low power messages for signal conditions where the power level swings from -75 dBm to +15dBm(at input of AD9874) in one slot gap (~1.3 mSec) interval in slot to slot testing.


    A "quick calculation" suggests that the dynamic range (including 12 VGA) of the AD9874 of 94 dB** is insufficient to deal with the -75 dBm to +15 dBm range required in your radio that includes other components prior to the AD9874.  The…

  • What is the internal ADC sampling rate of AD9874

    For the internal ADC of AD9874, what is the sampling rate? Is it sampling at the Fclk or the Fclk/8?

    If the input IF is situated 15,75MHz, bandwidth is 3.3KHz, the output data rate is required at 16.8KHz, how to choose the LO and Fclk?ad9874

  • RE: IBIS Model


    I attached a the IBIS model of the AD9864 which is the same product as the AD9874 with the exception that its LNA/mixer bias level is fixed (vs programmable as AD9874).  While AD9874 is is LQPF (vs LFCSP for AD9864), the pinout/package dimensions…


    Hi, I am building radio SDR for graduation work and I use  AD9874.
    Part of my down-conversion is AD9874 and my IF2 frequencies should by 0. Ad9874 has BAND-PASS SIGMA-DELTA with two resonator, external LC and internal RC . When my IF2 should by 0, I don…

  • RE: Very low sensitive of AD9874

    Moved this question on the AD9874 to the High-Speed ADC community.

  • RE: AD9874 EVAL-BOARD IF frequency setting?


    A 15 MHz would be considered on the lower end of the IF's that are typically used for the AD9874.

    The AD9874 actually consists of two IF's with the 1st being the mixer input and the 2nd being the ADC input (i.e. mixer output).   Since the…

  • Synchronizing AD9874 to aquire on symbol center


    I am using an AD9874 in a four-level FSK demodulation scheme. And, mathematically, i'm able to configure the AD9874 to digitize my IF at a frequency that is exactly an integer multiple of my symbol period. Everything is working smoothly, i'm aquiring…