• RE: AD9864 Clock frequency is not locking up to 14.4 MHz signal


    Most likely issue may be related to the tuning range of your CLK OSC.  You can use the CKTM data field in Reg 0x14 to force the charge pump up or down.  This will provide you with the frequency range of which the CLK OSC functions over.  One should…

  • RE: AD9864 LC Tank Will Not Calibrate.

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  • RE: AD9864 Clock Synthetizer is not locking up to 18 MHz signal and also...


    I think I have the same problem. I wanted to set the Fclk to 14.4M, but no matter how I set the CKN, the FCLK is always 16.8M. (FREF = 19.2M, FLO = 71.1M, Decimation factor = 60)  

    Here is my register configuration.

    3F 99
    00 45
    01 0C
    03 80
    04 00
    05 0…

  • Why AD9864 output is noise when input IF signal is -90dBm

    Our product is using AD9864, by out test, when the input IF signal with level of -90dBm directly into AD9864, and the DSP capture AD9864 SSI output IQ data then draw it with Matlab, the data is almost noise, we can't see valid signal. For -70dBm input…

  • AD9864无法产生时钟信号



         具体写进去的配置如下:0x00, 0x30

                                                  0x00, 0xFF

                                                  0x00, 0x30

                                                  0x02, 0xF0

                                                  0x06, 0x80

                                                  0x08, 0x00

                                                  0x0A, 0x00

                                                  0x0C, 0xC9

                                                  0x0E, 0x01

                                                  0x10, 0x03

                                                  0x12, 0x00

                                                  0x14, 0x00

  • I want to get some information about AD9864's Mixer

    I want to get some specification about AD9864's mixer.

    I have not found in the data sheet specifications of the mixer.

    ex) Conversion Loss, Isolation and LO Level

  • Queries about AD9864's RSSI

    Dear Supporter,

    I am using AD9864 in our project. Now I faced a problem about RSSI.

    Could you please help clarify the relationship between the RSSI values and real power? or give some comments on my issue?

    thanks so much for your kindly help and support…

  • Have any recommend VCO parts (~70MHz) on AD9864

    Hi Sir:

    We have a project plan use AD9864.

    Do you have any recommend VCO parts (~70MHz) as the marked in red?

    Thanks and Best Regards,


  • 求助:中频子系统芯片 AD9864 计算 RSSI

         我们正在使用一款 中频子系统芯片 AD9864,

    现在已经可以从 SSI 数据输出接口读取到 IQ 数据.   


    不知道如何根据芯片 SSI 接口输出的 ATT 和 RSSI 数值,计算输入到 AD9864 入口处的实际信号功率大小.


    请问 ATT 数值和 RSSI 数值是需要换算成 dB 的?如何换算?


  • AD9864_output signal bandwidth

    In AD9864 and AD9874's datasheet, it says, the output signal bandwidth is from
    6.8kHz to 270kHz. Would you please help explain why 6.8kHz and 270kHz is got.


    The decimation factor of the digital filter is programmable from 48 to 960 and