We use an external generator (CMOS output VCTCXO) to drive AD9864 CLK input.

    We apply the signal as AC coupled as shown in the attached file.

    Could you please inform me about driving necesities for CLK input of AD9864?

    Abidin TASKIRAN

  • AD9864-saturation strength


    what is the ADC saturation signal strength of AD9864 at normal working conditions.?

  • AD9864: CLK & LO drive levels


    For a project I am currently working on we would like to drive the AD9864 LO and CLK ports directly. 

    The clock generator which would generate the signals for this can output, amongst other options, LVDS and High Swing Differential Signalling …

  • Queries about AD9864's RSSI

    Dear Supporter,

    I am using AD9864 in our project. Now I faced a problem about RSSI.

    Could you please help clarify the relationship between the RSSI values and real power? or give some comments on my issue?

    thanks so much for your kindly help and support…

  • AD9864 White Noise and Sampling Rate Questions


    I have two questions regarding the AD9864.

    question 1
    Is there any white noise characteristic data for the AD9864?

    Question 2
    Please tell me the sampling rate when communicating AD9864 with SSI.

    We would appreciate it if you could reply.


  • AD9864 FFT分析结果






    问题2,输出的噪声不是白噪.集中在低频. 这样是否合理




  • AD9864 LC Tank Will Not Calibrate.

    I am developing an application with the AD9864.  The majority of the example designs in the datasheet are exactly what I need (e.x. Fclk=18MHz,  +/-5Khz Decimation filter BW, 20Ksps, etc.), so I have followed the reference designs in the datasheet exactly…

  • moving clock synthesizer of ad9864 with high temperature

    hello support team

    we have a problem about clk synthesizer.

    when we tested ad9864 in my test room, every thing is ok and don't move the ad9864 clk synth.

    but when we go to field test (like as free space and In the vicinity of the sun) after a short…

  • AD9864无法产生时钟信号



         具体写进去的配置如下:0x00, 0x30

                                                  0x00, 0xFF

                                                  0x00, 0x30

                                                  0x02, 0xF0

                                                  0x06, 0x80

                                                  0x08, 0x00

                                                  0x0A, 0x00

                                                  0x0C, 0xC9

                                                  0x0E, 0x01

                                                  0x10, 0x03

                                                  0x12, 0x00

                                                  0x14, 0x00