• Why AD9864 output is noise when input IF signal is -90dBm

    Our product is using AD9864, by out test, when the input IF signal with level of -90dBm directly into AD9864, and the DSP capture AD9864 SSI output IQ data then draw it with Matlab, the data is almost noise, we can't see valid signal. For -70dBm input…

  • moving clock synthesizer of ad9864 with high temperature

    hello support team

    we have a problem about clk synthesizer.

    when we tested ad9864 in my test room, every thing is ok and don't move the ad9864 clk synth.

    but when we go to field test (like as free space and In the vicinity of the sun) after a short…

  • RE: AD9864 CLK INPUT

    Hi Abidin,

    Possibly to be assumed, but have you consulted the AD9864 datasheet? Lots of good information there.


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  • RE: AD9864-saturation strength


    i am working on the AGC section using AD9864, so i would like to know the minimum possible input signal strength that  AD9864 can hanlde (related to ADC).

  • RE: AD9864_74 Evaluation Board HELP??


    The AD9864/74 converter was aimed at single channel radios for 2G applications, and communications infrastructer designers used multiple radios in parallel to cover their available spectrum.  Today there are converters (see the AD9467) that can be…

  • RE: IBIS Model


    I attached a the IBIS model of the AD9864 which is the same product as the AD9874 with the exception that its LNA/mixer bias level is fixed (vs programmable as AD9874).  While AD9874 is is LQPF (vs LFCSP for AD9864), the pinout/package dimensions…

  • AD9864无法产生时钟信号



         具体写进去的配置如下:0x00, 0x30

                                                  0x00, 0xFF

                                                  0x00, 0x30

                                                  0x02, 0xF0

                                                  0x06, 0x80

                                                  0x08, 0x00

                                                  0x0A, 0x00

                                                  0x0C, 0xC9

                                                  0x0E, 0x01

                                                  0x10, 0x03

                                                  0x12, 0x00

                                                  0x14, 0x00

  • AD9864 LC Tank Will Not Calibrate.

    I am developing an application with the AD9864.  The majority of the example designs in the datasheet are exactly what I need (e.x. Fclk=18MHz,  +/-5Khz Decimation filter BW, 20Ksps, etc.), so I have followed the reference designs in the datasheet exactly…

  • RE: AD9874 -> LO synthesizer


    It does not appear that anything intrinsically is limiting the PFD frequency to be as low as 2 kHz.  I believe the min 6.25 KHz PFD frequency specification was set because the target application was for PMR radio where channel spacing was typically…

  • Have any recommend VCO parts (~70MHz) on AD9864

    Hi Sir:

    We have a project plan use AD9864.

    Do you have any recommend VCO parts (~70MHz) as the marked in red?

    Thanks and Best Regards,