• AD9859 not responding

    I built a board that uses AD9859s, but I can not get them to respond to serial communication. I suspect that they are powered down.

    I have the Evaluation Board that I'm controlling with an STM32. Everything works there as expected, so I'm guessing this…

  • AD9859 latency


    AD9859 Datasheet have  latency spec in below  description.(only min)

    I think that latency  [SYSCLK  Cycles] is decided by logic and these don't have dispersion.

    Are there some dispersion in these specifications.

    If  these have dispersion, how…

  • AD9859 spurs

    Hello, I'm designed a dds generator on AD9859. I use a 24,576MHz clock with internal multiplier by 16x. On output I have a lot of -20dB spurs of 24.576MHz and it harmonics. Playing with level, charge pump current,pcp design has no result. What am I do…

  • AD9859 REFCLK


    I have a 20MHz OCXO already on the board and want to use the CMOS output as an input for the AD9859 but i'm not quite sure if i calculated the levels correctly:

    The clock is a 0V - 3.3V square wave so i divide the clock voltage by 2 (resistors)…

  • AD9859 Problem

    Hi, i'm actually a French student in electronic,

    I've been placed on a project which need a regulable sinusoïde, so i choose the AD9859 with a ADuC7026 to control it.

    And whenever i send a reading request the DDS answer unexpected content.

  • AD9859 not working

    Hello. i'm working in a design with a AD9589 that i haven't design. i have built the PCB but the device is nor working correctly. I attach a PDF with the schematic if you see any issue.

    The device is correctly supplied but in the pin IOUT i…

  • Manual for AD9859

    I am looking for a manual/guide for the "AD9859 & AD9951-54 Evaluation Software Version 1.0.1". Thanks

  • AD9859 DAC and I2c


    I am connecting AD9859 with PIC16f876A on i2c. AD9859 works on 1.8v to 3.3v. i2c signal is ok according to timming diagrams. all the coltrol signal are according to the application note. the problem i faced is that sometimes its works(i get a Clock…

  • AD9859 TCXO oscillator module selection


    I need help selecting an low temperature drift oscillator for the AD9859. Could someone point me to tips or a reference design? The eval board uses a connector for external clock.

    The datasheet says REFCLK input power -15 dBm to 3 dBm, with input…

  • AD9951/AD9859 temperature-depended stability issue

    Hello everyone,

    I'm working on a project containing the AD9951 as frequency generator for 145 MHz. Previously to that, the AD9859 was used, but was swapped for the pin-compatible AD9951 because of availability reasons. The issue described in the following…