• AD9858

    I have a question about the DDS ad9858:

    How do I set the length frequency sweeps on I understand the documentation that must be set delta freq tuning word and

    Delta ramp rate, but how to create a breakpoint.

    For my application I need to achieve sweep…

  • AD9858 Loop filter design (DDS with integrated mixer and PFD)


    Which tool can I use to design the loop filter for AD9858 (DDS with integrated mixer and PFD)?

    I'm currently evaluating AD9858 in translational loop. I want to modify the loop filter in the evaluation board, but I dont find AD9858 in ADISimPLL…

  • Want to Analyze AD9858 in Aglient syestemvue

    How to analyze DDS AD9858 in Agilent systemvue software?

    AD9858 IBIS file can import in systemvue ?

    Please help me


    kazim shakeel

  • RE: Chirp Generation

    hi Ajay,

    Use AD9858 or AD9910. if you chose AD9858 then use a fast micro-controller or FPGA to program it as you have a bandwidth of 5MHz.

  • Windows7 software of AD9858/PCBZ

    Please teach me AD9858/PCBZ.

    I checked following URL.

    AD9858 Evaluation Board | Analog Devices

    Evaluation board software is not support win7.

    Do you have win7 version?

    Thank you.


  • AD 9858

    Hi, I have purchased DDS EVALUATION BOARD AD9858.i want to access the board in sweep mode.can  anybody tell me how to program AD9858 in sweep mode and how to interface with microcontroller??? 

  • RE: AD9858 SPI timing diagram

    No excuses for not having the serial timing in the AD9858 data sheet. The fastest way to respond to this short coming is to reference the AD9854 data sheet. It uses the same interface as the AD9858. Please refer to page 37 for the description and figures…

  • AD9858: EVB VCO datasheet

    We have recently purchased the translational evaluation board for AD9858
    (AD9858/TLPCBZ), Rev B. The VCO which has been mounted on the board is obsolete
    and I couldn't find the datasheet for the VCO. The part number is LVCO-4505TY.
  • RE: AD9858 -Microcontroller No-OS Driver

    Hi kazim,

    I apologize, but currently I could not find any drivers as complete as ADF4118 has. The source code that you found can be used as a template for the source code which will be used for AD9858. After all, it is just an implementation of SPI and…

  • RE: Enquiry on the AD's DDS Design Tool

    Hello, The formula should be the same for predicting the frequency location of the worst case phase truncation spurs. However, the phase truncation spurious magnitude for the AD9910 should be significantly lower than the AD9858. Given 19-bits for truncation…