• AD9858: EVB VCO datasheet

    We have recently purchased the translational evaluation board for AD9858
    (AD9858/TLPCBZ), Rev B. The VCO which has been mounted on the board is obsolete
    and I couldn't find the datasheet for the VCO. The part number is LVCO-4505TY.



  • Ad9858: Reading data back

    Looking into executing readback from this device. Is the data readback from the
    Buffer or Register memory? Can the device output be disabled for the entirety
    of the readback, if so how? Regarding the datasheet, what exactly does the dds
    core consist…

  • AD9858: Output frequency change

    Is it possible to change the output frequency by updating only the lowest bytes
    (8 bit or 2x8 bit)of the 32 bit frequency register or do you have to update all
    bytes even if there is no changes in the higher byte values ?
    If yes, is the update…


    I have two AD9858 feeded by one REFCLK. Both FUDs is synchronized with REFCLK. But Synclk's have different phase shift each power-up. And the output signals too.

    Are there any ways to synchronize multiple AD9858 output signals as it shown in aplication…

  • Calculation of Parameters of AD9858


    Hope Everyone is doing great!!!!

    Here my output frequency range 140 to 200MHz, and my Clock to DDS is 950Mhz , Can i know how i can calculate the DFTW,DFRRW, ,I have gone through the AD9858 datasheet  in pg:18 they given calculations but i am confused…

  • AD9858 DACISET Pin Interface

    Is a voltage present on the DACISET pin of the AD9858? How much?  What is the simplified interfacing schematic inside the chip?

  • RE: Frequency sweep in ad9858

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  • 请教:AD9858无输出

    最近做DDS,使用AD9858芯片,一开始,    上电后有输出,写入程序后输出就没了,芯片一直发热。

                                                          后来,       上电后无输出,写程序后也无输出,芯片不升温。



  • RE: AD9858 - Still need help on my schematic

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