• RE: AD9856 does any pulse shaping?

    No, the AD9856 does not offer any pulse-shaping functionality.  Please note that if you do some pulse shaping to the data prior to inputting it into the AD9856, there are implications on the AD9856 functionality - be sure to read the section on the half…

  • AD9856, How to generate dual tone frequency from AD9856 if possible?

  • 谁能帮忙看看AD9856的问题?要是能解决了我把代码全都贴出来给大家共享1





  • RE: AD9856 Evaluation Software

    Hi Ivan,

    I will have to get back to you on this as the AD9856 evaluation board is already obsolete.


  • Simulation of Schematic as per provided in AD9856 datasheet in ADIsimPE?

    I wanted to simulate, Evaluation board schematic as per provided in the AD9856 datasheet.

    I am using ADIsimPE but in that, I am not getting AD9856 part details to place it. Also, I was unable to get AD8320 for the same.

    I made a hardware interface of…

  • AD9856: Pin connection

    I am investigating problems on a PCB containing an AD9856. The SDIO pin
    is driven from a 244 buffer however there appears to be contention on
    this pin.

    I am not sure whether some pins on the device are connected correctly.
    The PLL…
  • RE: AD9854

    Hi, Dr. Babankumar.

    For your qeustions:

    1. Other QDUCs (quadrature digital upconverters) that we have are AD9856 and AD9857.

    2. No, it needs a Parallel port connection.

    3. I'll get back to you on this.

    4. As of today, what we have is AD9914 which…

  • Can you send me the AD9856 filter coefficients?

    Can you send me the AD9856 filter coefficients?


    Below are the filter coefficients:

    Halfband 1:
    coefs[0] = -1;
    coefs[1] = 0;
    coefs[2] = 4;
    coefs[3] = 0;
    coefs[4] = -10;
    coefs[5] = 0;
    coefs[6] = 22;
    coefs[7] = 0;
  • 谁能帮忙看看AD9856的问题?要是能解决了我把代码全都贴出来给大家共享2


  • RE: Multi-Channel DAC

    Yes we do. We have an extensive portfolio of dual DACs with maximum speed from 125Msps to 1.25Gsps with resolution from 8 to 16 bits.We also have a quad DAC, AD9148, with the plan to develop further this line of products. Attached is a file describing…