• Power consumption of AD9854


         I am designing the power circuit for the AD9854 and wanted to know what is maximum current draw for Digital Circuitry Supply Voltage (DVDD) and Analog Circuitry Supply Voltage (AVDD). All I could find was total power consumption, but it isn't…

  • AD9854 Phase Truncation

    Hello, could you confirm that the data sheet for the AD9854 is correct and the 48 bit accumulator is truncated to 17 bits. We are seeing periodic noise on our equipment and the simulations appear to indicate that the accumulator is truncated to 16 bits…

  • questions about AD9854

    1、Can STM32 drive AD9854?

    2、Is the generated square wave a digital or analog signal?

    3、Can square wave's duty cycle, amplitude and frequency be adjusted?

    4、If it can be adjusted, how much is the dynamic adjustment range of the amplitude? Can it be…

  • AD9854 Labview FPGA control

    I am trying to write a Labview program to control two AD9854's which will generate the signal for AODs in an optical trapping setup. Unfortunately I don't have much experience with Labview so I was wondering if someone already had the VI's to do…

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  • AD9854-ADRF6701-03 Interface

    Hey Guys,

    You are doing a great work out here.

    However I have a query which I think I'm sure of. But still I am confirming if this can work?

    I have been asked to use AD9854 with ADRF6701-ADRF6703 for this purpose instead of the Up-converter used…

  • Parallel programming AD9854?


    I am programming AD9854 through parallel port via FPGA. As an initial test, I intended to generate a single tone sine wave. But, I could'nt.

    Then I decided to just change Updated clock register value and by probing I/O UD see if I could first…

  • AD9854 输出方波


    我照参考电路的示例,将9854的正弦输出接到VINP或者VINN上,但是在VOUT 上没有任何输出!


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  • RE: AD9854 SPI programming

    Hi Basil,

    Are you using our evaluation board? If so, if you tristate the CMOS inputs to the AD9854 via the interface buffers, you must drive all the tristated inputs to the AD9854 and not let them float. For instance, master reset, WRB, RDB, S/P input…