• AD9854

    1.Do we have DDS similar to AD9854? I mean which can produce quadrature o/ps.

    2.Is AD9854 EVAL board uses USB port for connectivity with PC.

    3.Can it be possible to make stepwise evaluation of  VPHS performance of ad8302  using phase controlled o/ps…

  • AD9854


    Can you comment if I can characterize VPHS performance evaluation of AD8302 using AD9854 EVAL kit.

    Sincere regards,


  • AD9854 Clock Driver

    We are using the AD9854 DDS. In the data sheet a MC100LVEL16DGOS longer easy to
    get. Do you recommend any other parts for this purpose?


    The following parts can be used:


    The AD9854…
  • ad9854


    We are using in our current design the AD9854asvz. This already for almost 10 years. We have now some questions for our future designs.

    1. Do you have an idea how long this IC will be in the market. The because we didn’t find it anymore between…
  • AD9854 - Arduino interfacing


    I developed a circuit board with AD9854 to generate a frequency sweep from 10MHz to 100MHz. The circuit board should work in one wave-mode (sine or cosine wave, I don't need a quadrature signal). I would like to use an arduino-based board to control…

  • AD9854程序

    #define HC_573_C      P2_7
    #define MASTER_RESET 
    #define IO_UP         P2_6
    #define WRB_SCLK     
    #define RDB_CSB       P2_4
    #define FSK_BPSK_HOLD
    #define SHAPED_LEYING P2_2
    void  AD9854_F();

  • AD9854: digitally controlled oscillator

    Please, be so kind to let me know whether it is possible to use the
    integrated circuit AD9854 as a digitally controlled oscillator with
    oscillations phase dinamic control within the PLL-circuit


    It is certainly possible to use the AD9854…
  • AD9854 power down

    Hi all,

    I am using an AD9854 to generate frequencies for a sensor measurement. I find that when I try to power down different sections of the chip when it is not being use that the out put is some severely disfigured mess. The sensor wont be measuring…

  • AD9854 controller in VHDL


    I have troubles with programming AD9854 DDS through SPI interface. It is necessary to realize a chirp signal generation but first, I decided to try the easiest option — single tone mode of AD9854. There are 80 MHz oscillator and Altera CPLD as…

  • Power consumption of AD9854


         I am designing the power circuit for the AD9854 and wanted to know what is maximum current draw for Digital Circuitry Supply Voltage (DVDD) and Analog Circuitry Supply Voltage (AVDD). All I could find was total power consumption, but it isn't…