• RE: AD9833 Evaluation Board Labview Code

    Hi Phil,

    Are you looking for the AD9834 or the AD9854?  For the AD9854 I'd have to talk to DSB, not Miguel.

  • AD9854: digitally controlled oscillator

    Please, be so kind to let me know whether it is possible to use the
    integrated circuit AD9854 as a digitally controlled oscillator with
    oscillations phase dinamic control within the PLL-circuit


    It is certainly possible to use the AD9854…
  • ad9854


    We are using in our current design the AD9854asvz. This already for almost 10 years. We have now some questions for our future designs.

    1. Do you have an idea how long this IC will be in the market. The because we didn’t find it anymore between…
  • AD9854


    Can you comment if I can characterize VPHS performance evaluation of AD8302 using AD9854 EVAL kit.

    Sincere regards,


  • AD9854

    1.Do we have DDS similar to AD9854? I mean which can produce quadrature o/ps.

    2.Is AD9854 EVAL board uses USB port for connectivity with PC.

    3.Can it be possible to make stepwise evaluation of  VPHS performance of ad8302  using phase controlled o/ps…

  • RE: AD9854 Interface with BF537 via Parallel Port.

    Can anyone post sample code/Example for parallel programming of AD9854 using BF537 AMC? I dont seem to get how to program AD9854 using parallel port?

    Thank you in anticipation.

  • AD9852和AD9854区别



  • RE: AD9854 SPI programming

    Hi Basil,

    Are you using our evaluation board? If so, if you tristate the CMOS inputs to the AD9854 via the interface buffers, you must drive all the tristated inputs to the AD9854 and not let them float. For instance, master reset, WRB, RDB, S/P input…

  • Need to synchronise the AD9912 output and AD9854 outputs


    We are designing a PCB that have AD9912 and AD9854 ICs.

    The bring up of both these ICs were success, thanks for the support from ADI.

    But now we have to synchronize the AD9912 and AD9854.

    I have found another article in ez AD9912 Sychronizatio…