• AD9712 general recommendations

    We want to update our application based on AD9712 . What we need is indicated
    on page 7 of AD9712 datasheet. We checked AD9752 but we need to have > 3.5 Vout
    , and the total settling  time to 35ns( to reach 0,1 % error ). We need to add

  • RE: Questions about AD9957 configuration for QPSK generation

    As a follow up, the AD9853 would have come very close to fitting your application. It was able to take in QPSK symbols directly as bit pairs (00, 01, 10, or 11), apply the necessary pulse shaping, and perform the requisite sample rate conversion!


  • 实现DQPSK和16-QAM调试的芯片有哪些?


  • RE: BPSK with pulse shaping filter

    The AD9853 may be useful for your application. You will find the data sheet on analog.com. However, you will note this device is now obsolete, so availability might be a problem.

    What makes this device attractive for your application is that you drive…

  • 经典著作【ANALOG DEVICES】高速设计技术

    n Voltage Feedback Op Amps
    n Current Feedback Op Amps
    n Effects of Feedback Capacitance
    n High-Speed Current-to-Voltage Converters, and
    the Effects of Inverting Input Capacitance
    n Noise Comparisons between Voltage Feedback
    Op Amps…

  • RE: 有没有运用AD9851的中文资料?


  • 附件是DDS的常见问题解答。内容包括ADI的DDS产品,DDS的原理以及DDS常见问题。


  • ADI处理器实用经典著作—《高速设计技术》中文电子版


    1 部分从运算放大器的基本概念和理论出发,重点介绍了运算放大器的原理与设计,以及在各种电子系统中的应用,包括视频应用、RF/IF 子系统(乘法器、调制器和混频器)等;

    2 部分主要介绍了高速采样和高速ADC 及其应用、高速DAC 及其应用、以及DDS 系统与接收机子系统等;

    3 部分介绍了有关高速硬件设计技术,如仿真、建模、原型、布局、去藕与接地,以及EMI RFI设计考虑等。


  • RE: AD9858的DDS无输出

    如下附件有DDS 的常见问题,可以检查一下,是否有类似的问题

  • Coherent Signals

    In the attached tutorial, I see the quote below:

    In fact, the only time the DDS output is an exact integer division of its system clocking frequency is when the

    division factor is a power of two, 2N. Only then will the input clock and the output frequency…