• Problems initializing AD9852


    I am new to DDS.  We recently acquired the AD9852 evaluation board.  I have been able to turn it on and operate it using the evaluation software provided by the company with the DDS connected to a desktop via a Centronics printer cable and port…

  • AD9852输出问题

    请问在single tone模式下,为什么ad9852的输出始终为24MHz 左右,无论怎么改变FTW也没用?感觉控制寄存器命令都已经写进去了?不知道还有什么地方设置的不对?


  • AD9852同步

    专家您好,请问AN-605中图5(差分REF_CLK与EXT I/O UPDATE CLK 之间的正确时序关系)中的0.5ns和1.2ns是怎么产生的,还有能否为我分析下这个图,还不是很理解。非常感谢!

  • I have some questions about AD9852


    I'm interested in AD9852 Evaluation Board, because I need chirp generator for the source of FMCW radar system.

    a few questions...

    From above figure,

    1. What is maximum center frequency(fc)and frequency chirping range(delta F)?

    2. What…

  • AD9852 Parallel Programming Timing Diagram

    Hi everyone,

    I'm working on a new experimental set up and I want to use AD9852 as a precise synthesizer.

    I would like to use parallel programming and program my DDS output frequency in single tone mode. I am in trouble understanding the schematics…

  • Powering DDS AD9852 Evaluation Board ???

    In DDS AD9852 Datasheet it is mentioned that in order to power up evaluation board;

    3.3V Vcc, 3.3V DVDD and 3.3V AVDD are required with a common ground.

    On Analog Devices website it is also mentioned in feedback section that a single 3.3V supply…

  • Question about AD9852 pulsed FM generation

    The data sheet on page 24 has the following (the italics and bold are mine) :

    "Alternatively, the CLR ACC2 control bit (Register Address 1F hex) is available to clear both the frequency accumulator (ACC1) and the phase accumulator (ACC2). When this bit…

  • RE: Programming DDS AD9913 &/or AD9852

    Hi Mars,

    Thanks for the reply. I have two other questions. The first one is about if i could use the memory with the AD9852. Then i get it from the reply that using the memory limits the clock frequency of the DDS. For my application i have to use an…

  • Can AD9852 tolerate 5V digital pulses?

    I want to program my AD9852 evaluation board with my DAQ which outputs 5Volts TTL pulses. Will the board tolerate 5V digital pulses?

  • Crystal Oscillator on AD9852 eval board


    Is it necessary to solder the crystal oscillator to the Evaluation board for it to work properly?  My AD9852 Eval board was working fine with an external signal generator applied to J25, but I needed to switch to a crystal oscillator.  I inserted…