• AD9852

    Why I get two different states of BPSK output when I use AD9852 evaluation board?

  • RE: AD9852 Project

    We do not have an identified solution for zero crossing BPSK/FSK with the AD9852.  I think any such solution would require two AD9852's running from the same System Clock source in order to make it possible.

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  • AD9852和AD9854区别



  • AD9852 and LTC6957


    I am tried to feed REFCLOCK of AD9852 using LTC6957-3 as a source. It seems that AD9852 refuse to work with CMOS level signal coming from LTC6957-3. Does anybody tried to use CMOS leve REFLOCK on AD9852. The datasheet is confirm it should accept…

  • Sweep rate of AD 9956 and AD 9852

    What is the sweep rate of AD9956 and AD9852?

  • DDS AD9852

    hello all,

    I have a question about the AD9852, I developed printed circuits for DDS and my applications in my laboratory.

    I interface with this dds CPLD logic for a communication bus and external 16-bit DIO NI labview avce for programming.

    My question…

  • Oscillator for AD9852

    Currently using a AD9852 with a 14-pin DIP, 49.152 MHz fixed output, HCMOS logic, temperature compensated crystal oscillator for Connor Winfield (Product Code HTFL5FG5-049.152M). Unfortunately, They do not make this type of HCMOS oscilator anymore, they are…

  • AD9852 no output

    Would you give me some comment about that

    - we are using AD9852 DDS for our system.

    - this is the source of the LMH6503.

    - in some case, after finishing booting sequence, there is no output in the DDS, IOUT1 and IOUT1B.

    Does the DDS can have no output…

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