• ADCLK846 and some AD9851


    Actually I have some AD9851 DDS ICs in my circuit like the below:

    so I need a CMOS clock distributor to feed them simultaneously.

    the supply voltage for AD9851 is +5V bcoz in this condition the maximum output frequency can be achieved as following…

  • AD9851 DDS reset mode

    I have made board same as evaluation boardCGPCB  for clock genertion as per given in AD9851 datasheet.

    But after reset mode instead of giving 1v at DAC output pin IOUT, I am getting 3.6v and 3.4v at pin 3.4v instead of 0v.

    During normal mode, after programming…

  • Simulating AD9851 current output

    Hi erveryone,

    As i understand there are no SPICE models for ADI's DDS parts for very obvious reasons.

    I'm currently trying to emulate the behaviour of the AD9851 for a clock generation application, partially designed using Filer Wizard and ADIsimDDS…

  • AD9851: Best value for Rset

    In your datasheet you show an AD9851 with both outputs connected to a
    Minicircuits T1-1T transformer, the primary center-tap is grounded.

    What value of Rset should be used in this configuration?


    Rset sets the full scale output current…
  • Which AD9851 Development Board?....


    I have a customer that has selected the AD9851 180Mhz DDS for a new QAM design (frequency and on-chip comparator makes it a perfect fit).

    Unfortunatly, we are struggling to figure out which development board to use with this device.

    We checked…

  • AD9851 6x multiplier issues

    I have two small batches (2 pieces each batch) of AD9851 BRS DDS chips. The two batches were obtained from different sources at different times. All driven with 30 Mhz clock sources, using the internal 6X multiplier, same circuitry, same firmware but…

  • AD9851 发热问题

    在做一个测距的项目, 用ad9851 产生10M 正弦波  芯片发热比较严重  是否正常, 芯片是从电子市场买的散片 ,使用串口模式

  • Programming AD9851 and/or AD9834 with PICAXE

    I am working on an interface that will mate up with either an AD9851 or AD9834.   The AD9834 is an SPI-compatible interface but the AD9851 is something else.  The interface is intended for a 0-60MHz VFO (for the 9851) or 0-30MHz VFO (for the 9834) for use…

  • 求助:AD9851的问题

    本人用ATmega16 和 ad9851制作一个信号发生器,采用串行的方式输入40位控制字,但是就是没有波形输出,也不知道是不是电路不对,所以也附上本人的电路图,麻烦有知道的高手帮忙看一下,附件是本人的ad9851的接口电路,麻烦看看有没有错:


    #define AD9851_SCLK_PORT    PORTA                   //PORTA W_CLK
    #define AD9851_LOAD_PORT    PORTA                   //PORTA FQUD
    #define AD9851_DATA_POR…

  • AD9851与AD9854的比较