• AD9851: RESET input

    A question more about the AD9851. The datasheets mention not much about the
    RESET input. Do I really have to tie it to a processor-pin or can I use a
    simple RC-circuit to reset it on power-up.


    The RC works fine as a POR if you have a fast rise…

  • AD9851: frequency senthesis

    We are looking for a frequency synthesis circuit that would allow us to inject
    accurate frequencies into the RF amplifier
    stage of a 173MHz transceiver unit. These frequencies need to be varied (FSK)
    in accordance with a digital data stream. T…

  • AD9851: Best value for Rset

    In your datasheet you show an AD9851 with both outputs connected to a
    Minicircuits T1-1T transformer, the primary center-tap is grounded.

    What value of Rset should be used in this configuration?


    Rset sets the full scale output current of AD9851…

  • AD9851 generate half wave

    hi everyone, I am trying to use the AD9851 generate the pure sine wave.But it dosen't work.It generate half wave.what's wrong with my electric circuit?

  • Combining Outputs from 2 AD9851's

    I need to add the outputs from two AD9851's together. Is it ok to tie the outputs together since they are current sources as long as the output voltage compliance range is not exceeded?


  • AD9851 Output Voltage Compliance with 3.3V Supply

    The AD9851 data sheet specifies the output voltage compliance as +1.5V to -.5V when powered by +5V. Does the voltage compliance range change when powered by +3.3V?

    If the positive end of the compliance range is exceeded, does the signal just clip?


  • AD9851 DDS output connections and refclock

    I am using the AD9851 in a scalar network analyzer and have some questions about the operation.
    The frequency range I work in is ~2 MHz to 60-70 MHz and I am looking at LPF designs to put on the IOUT pin. I found the filter layout of the evaluation…

  • AD9851 keeps dying after it does work

    Hey everyone,

    For some reason my AD9851 DDS chip keeps dying after I test it (it gives no more output sine wave and becomes quite warm). It was capable of producing a very nice 50MHz sine wave for example and after powering it up a second time it is unresponsive…

  • AD9851 - Frequency sweep

    I have my AD9851 connected as shown above with R16 as 100 ohms

    When I sweep from 3MHz to 10MHz. I keep getting noise at around 8MHz frequency at room temperature

    Moreover as the datasheet says it can operate till 85C - but my output becomes noise once…