• Genrerating sine waves at different frequencies with AD9851


    I would like to use an AD9851 for generating sine waves from a frequency 1Mhz to 60Mhz. However, from the datasheet of the IC, AD9851 needs to be programmed and conffigured for the matter. I'm intending to use a PIC to control AD9851. I have been…

  • Which AD9851 Development Board?....


    I have a customer that has selected the AD9851 180Mhz DDS for a new QAM design (frequency and on-chip comparator makes it a perfect fit).

    Unfortunatly, we are struggling to figure out which development board to use with this device.

    We checked…

  • RE: AD9850 - seperate AVDD DVDD

    Hi, Randy!

    Different sources do not possible.

    Datasheet  AD9851 from:

    +Vs collectively refers to the positive voltages applied to DVDD, PVCC and AVDD. Voltages applied to these pins should be of the same potential

    AD9851 and AD9850 are as twin…

  • AD9851 : How to get 0.1% duty 1Hz Square wave.


    I received a question about AD9851 from our customer. Can we get 0.1% duty 1Hz square wave from AD9851? If yes, how should we set the control word for getting the wave?

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  • RE: 有没有运用AD9851的中文资料?


  • RE: AD9833

    Hi Tom,

    Just to add something to this discussion.

    This may be a synchonisation issue. You stated you are using the same MCLK for both AD9833s. The AD9834 is a better option for synchronising two DDS as it has the RESET pin function.

    In my experience…

  • RE: 3 x 400Hz Sine Generator

    The AD9834 could be used in such an application but some care must be used in designing the architecture to prevent latency issues. Please refer to the AN-587 apps note, attached. This document shows how to synhronise 2 or more AD9850/1s. The AD9834 can…

  • RE: DDS with phase marker?

    Although none of our DDS offerings provide a zero-crossing indication, several DDSs come with an integrated comparator:

    • AD9834
    • AD9838
    • AD9850
    • AD9851
    • AD9852
    • AD9854
    • AD9912
    • AD9952
    • AD9954