• AD9850 circuitry without microcontroller

    Hey everyone,

    I bought an AD9850 module from Amazon (link below). I used Arduino to control the DDS to output frequency between 100Khz to 700Khz, and I am now trying to figure out how to control the DDS module without microcontroller. Is there an opamp…

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  • AD9850 questions

    We design and prototype a signal generator. One of the requirements is precise
    amplitude control. We are considering a design based on AD9850 followed by
    AD8370. We propose to replace the Rset resistor on pin 12 of the AD9850 by a
  • AD9850

    Hi there,

    My customer is using AD9850 to generate ultrasonic sinewave of 137KHz with an 100MHz reference clock in. In most cases, it works well. However, sometimes it fails to output sine wave. Instead, it outputs non-regular waveforms. When it fails…

  • AD9850 update timing

    how much time/clock cycles will AD9850 take to update frequency on a 125MHz source?

  • AD9850: output frequency

    We are using a couple of AD9850 DDS's on one of our boards.
    I am using the serial interface to regulate the output frequency
    relative to the input frequency to which the DDS is locked to.
    1st question: Is it possible to increase AND…
  • IOUT from AD9850

    I'm reading the datasheet of AD9850 and I didn't find the caracteristics of Output signal (pin IOUT). I'd like to know if that signal is symetric or asymetric and in which range it belongs to when Vsupply is 5V and Rset is 3.9K or 1.95K…

  • RE: AD9850 1V sine wave to 5V sine wave


    Can you share your schematic and settings for the AD9850?

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  • AD9850 Frequency Modulation

    We have a requirement to modulate the output of the AD9850 by frequency modulation and wondered if anyone had any experience or advice in this area?

    We notice that the 9850 can have its frequency changed at high speed, but this is not really a path we…

  • AD9850 - seperate AVDD DVDD

    What is the maximum voltage difference allowed between AVDD and DVDD with an AD9850?

    I would like to use DVDD = 3.3V, AVDD = 5V.

    Is there a list of which pins are referenced to AGND and which are referenced to DGND?

    Final question - is it worth the…