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    Hi there,

    My customer is using AD9850 to generate ultrasonic sinewave of 137KHz with an 100MHz reference clock in. In most cases, it works well. However, sometimes it fails to output sine wave. Instead, it outputs non-regular waveforms. When it fails…

  • 求助,AD9850工作一段时间实效原因


  • RE: AD9850 randomly stops generating signal - is this normal?

    Is the AD9850 board mentioned above an ADI AD9850 evaluation board or is this your board design? If your board design, can you send a schematic of the hookup if you're still having issues. Note, I would recommend using a 10uf on the each supply and 0…

  • Using one oscillator to supply MCLK for 4 AD9850

    This is David Guo from CAST,Beijing.

    If there are 4 pics AD9850 in one board, is it OK to use one oscillator to supply MCLK for 4 AD9850? What's the Drive Capability requirement of MCLK?

  • AD9850 questions

    We design and prototype a signal generator. One of the requirements is precise
    amplitude control. We are considering a design based on AD9850 followed by
    AD8370. We propose to replace the Rset resistor on pin 12 of the AD9850 by a
  • RE: 3 x 400Hz Sine Generator

    The AD9834 could be used in such an application but some care must be used in designing the architecture to prevent latency issues. Please refer to the AN-587 apps note, attached. This document shows how to synhronise 2 or more AD9850/1s. The AD9834 can…

  • RE: AD9833

    Hi Tom,

    Just to add something to this discussion.

    This may be a synchonisation issue. You stated you are using the same MCLK for both AD9833s. The AD9834 is a better option for synchronising two DDS as it has the RESET pin function.

    In my experience…

  • RE: signal generate by the evel ad5930

    Hi Anas,

    Mclk is the external clock source for the part.

    The eval board populates a 50MHz clock source

    The maximum Mclk source clock for the AD5930 is 50MHz,

    If you want to increase the Mclk, you will need to move to the AD9850,


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