• AD9850 questions

    We design and prototype a signal generator. One of the requirements is precise
    amplitude control. We are considering a design based on AD9850 followed by
    AD8370. We propose to replace the Rset resistor on pin 12 of the AD9850 by a
    mosfet constant…

  • AD9850: output frequency

    We are using a couple of AD9850 DDS's on one of our boards.
    I am using the serial interface to regulate the output frequency
    relative to the input frequency to which the DDS is locked to.
    1st question: Is it possible to increase AND decrease…

  • general usage of the AD9850


    When you you reset the part, it should go to 0 Hz and the phase will be the
    cosine of 0 degrees. This means that the output will be a DC current pumping
    out 10 mA to the load. 

    The latency from RESET active to cosine 0 o/p is similar to a phase…

  • Problems Programming AD9850 DDS in Parallel Mode

    Hello Analog Support,

    I have an AD9850 DDS chip that I'm trying to program in parallel mode with an FPGA.  We are having some issues with the output, but it appears that all of our digital signals are meeting the timing requirements.

    Frequency Set…

  • AD9850: Noise coupling on analog output

    I am running the AD9850 at 1MHz and it is used to generate a sweeping audio
    signal. This works perfectly, however I am getting noise on the analogue output
    relating to FQ_UD or D0 to D7 (hard to tell). Unfortunately I am updating at
    such a rate…

  • AD9850 not working constantly


    I am new working with AD9850. I am trying to use it with an Arduino Uno. I do the connections and run the code. Sometimes it gives me the frequency that I need, and sometimes it does not. I have tried the code in multiple modules. Sometimes the…

  • AD9850 searching for the "Dxocx.dll" AD9850_About Dxocx.dll file of AD9850EVB software

    We try to test Synthesizer using AD9851 EVALUATION BOARD -> Software -> AD9850
    and AD9851 Evaluation Software Source Code
    But, we can't find "Dxocx.dll" anywhere when we execute it. Would you let me
    know to get it?


    This is…

  • AD9850 Square Wave Output

    Hi, I am a student working on a project and would like some advice. My aim is to use an Arduino to programmatically vary the frequency of a square wave (50% duty cycle) between 1MHz to 1.3MHz. I want to be able to vary the signal in 10kHz steps. I was…

  • AD9850 circuitry without microcontroller

    Hey everyone,

    I bought an AD9850 module from Amazon (link below). I used Arduino to control the DDS to output frequency between 100Khz to 700Khz, and I am now trying to figure out how to control the DDS module without microcontroller. Is there an opamp…