• AD9838 SDZ Basic Questions


    My lab has just purchased AD9838 SDZ and is trying to explore on this. After trying around with the component, we have 2 basic questions:

    1) The frequency output will be generated to IOUTs after changing the parameters on the software. What kind…

  • AD9838 phase control bit


    We have a need to control the phase of the sine wave output during the beginning of periodic cycle within our system. The AD9838 seems to allow for this.  We are trying to verify that we can output a sine wave from this device with a known phase…

  • A qustion about MCLK of AD9838


            In the datasheet of AD9838 I see that the max MCLK speed is 16MHz(B grade) and 5MHz(A grade), but the source of MCLK is not so fast and the speed is only 512Hz. So I want to ask that can the speed of MCLK slow as that speed? If it can slow…

  • Synchronous Sampling the waveform of AD9838

    Hi, all

    I want to build a multi-frequency bio-impedance meter using ad9838 and ad40xx, the frequency range is 1kHz to 1MHz. ADC will start sampling exactly at the rising edge (toggling) of the MSB bit using the output of SIGN BIT OUT, and keep on sampling…

  • AD9838 Eval Board Possible Problem

    I have a possible problem with a AD9838 Eval Board connected to the SDP-CB1Z BlackFin Board. I can load frequencies with no problem but I cannot control the frequency registers externally. It seems the Blackfin will not relinquish control. The Fselect…

  • AD9838 - Jittering at Some Frequencies

         Good morning.  My customer wants to use the AD9838 DDS and is currently evaluating the part via the evaluation board.  His frequency range of operation is 40KHz up to 1MHz in 256 steps of 3.750KHz.  He has the IOUT pin going into the VIN pin as it is on…

  • drive AD9838 with low p-p clock

    Hi everybody,

    Is it possible to drive the AD9838 (supply voltage 5 V) with an oscillator (X1G0041710011 SG-210STF 5 MHZ L, supply voltage 2.5 V)?

    The output Voltage of the oscillator is about:

    V_OH 90% Vcc Min

    V_OL 10% Vcc Max

    Dose the Parameter…

  • 关于AD9838的MCLK问题


           我看AD9838的datasheet说这款DDS的MCLK最大为16MHz(B grade)和5MHz(A grade),但是我的MCLK时钟源没有那么大,只有32.768KHz。请问在这个频率下AD9838可否正常工作?(因为有些DDS在低于1MHz的时钟下就无法正常工作了)。另外我主要想关注的是,如果可以正常工作的话,他的分辨率是否会受到影响呢?


  • The internal comparator in the AD9838

     Let me ask you a question about the AD9838 built-in comparator.
    In the data sheet, VIN is the input terminal of the comparator.
    Is VIN a + input terminal? Or is it an input terminal?
    We look forward to your reply

  • AD9838输出不了正弦波