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  • RE: AD9838相位可以通过单片机程序可调吗??


  • Eagle library for AD9838 ...


    I am working with the AD9838. I would like to see if someone have already the symbol and footprint for AD9838 using it in the Cadsoft Eagle 6?

    Any help appreciated.

    Thank you,


  • RE: How to use ADA2200 Synchronous Demodulation for my application

    One way to generate a sinewave excitation signal for the load that is synchronized to the ADA2200 RCLK signal using a DDS chip like the AD9838,  is as follows:

    Drive the AD9838 MCLK input and the ADA2200 CLKIN input from a common clock source, then program…

  • Use AD9838

    Hello All,

    I would like to use AD9838 DDS for our application.

    One of the defined tasks is FMCW, the question is can I use AD9838 for make FMCW and how?
    If not, with element I can use for FMCW in low frequency until 50kHz ?


  • RE: drive AD9838 with low p-p clock

    Hi Hosam,

    The Logic Inputs parameter of the AD9838 describes the required minimum and maximum values for logic inputs for it to be considered as logic high or logic low with respect to different power supply voltages. With regards to your oscillator…

  • Regarding AD9838 phase noise


    I have to Generate 96KHz / 443KHz frequency by using AD9838 DDS with expected phase noise -110dBc/Hz @ 10KHz.

    So I request you to please advice , How much phase noise can be obtained by using AD9838 DDS . ( I am using 10MHz MCLK with -155dBc @ 10KHz…

  • Can I control a AD9838 directly with a Parallax Basic Stamp2?

    Can I control an Ad9838 directly with a Parallax Basic Stamp2.  If so, how?

  • A qustion about MCLK of AD9838


            In the datasheet of AD9838 I see that the max MCLK speed is 16MHz(B grade) and 5MHz(A grade), but the source of MCLK is not so fast and the speed is only 512Hz. So I want to ask that can the speed of MCLK slow as that speed? If it can slow…

  • RE: AD9833 MSK Waveform

    I think the optimal chip for my needs is the AD9838.  Thanks for all your input & help!