• Use AD9838

    Hello All,

    I would like to use AD9838 DDS for our application.

    One of the defined tasks is FMCW, the question is can I use AD9838 for make FMCW and how?
    If not, with element I can use for FMCW in low frequency until 50kHz ?


  • AD9838 Datasheet change revision


    I have a question about the AD9838.

    In the link below, the absolute maximum rating notation of AVDD and DVDD is incorrect.
    The data sheet will be changed in the next revision.

    When will the datasheet revision change?


  • Eagle library for AD9838 ...


    I am working with the AD9838. I would like to see if someone have already the symbol and footprint for AD9838 using it in the Cadsoft Eagle 6?

    Any help appreciated.

    Thank you,


  • AD9838 DDS power consumption

    Currently protoyping the AD9838 DDS device and require only one IOUT line,
    should the other IOUTB line be left open or tied directly to AGND or through
    200R? We're looking to minimise power consumption as this is a battery
  • AD9838 FSK modulation rate ..

    I want to use AD9838 for FSK modulation. It has FSLECT pin to switch between frequency register FREQ0 or FREQ1. What maximum FSK modulation rate i can acheive with FSLECT pin? In other words what is the maxumum FSK data rate?

  • Amplitude Modulation on AD9838

    Hi, right now I am trying to do amplitude modulation on the AD9838 using a similar method as shown in this circuit note:


    I've built up the circuit and it is working for the most part…

  • AD9838 sinewave output


    My goal is to generate at the output a sinwave with 1V amplitude and the DC component 0V (+-1Vpeak).

    Now, from the datasheet I cannot figure out how the sinewave is generated. Should I assume the 0 crossing point is exactly at I_OUT_FULL_SCALE/2?

  • Regarding AD9838 phase noise


    I have to Generate 96KHz / 443KHz frequency by using AD9838 DDS with expected phase noise -110dBc/Hz @ 10KHz.

    So I request you to please advice , How much phase noise can be obtained by using AD9838 DDS . ( I am using 10MHz MCLK with -155dBc @ 10KHz…

  • AD9838 multiple device synchronization


    I want to phase synchronize multiple AD9838 that generates the same frequency. Per my understanding the reset pin can be used to accomplish this function (connect the reset together for multiple chips and use the same MCLK).

    My question is: Can I keep…