• AD9837

    When using the MSB out feature/function, what is the amplitude of the output pulse?  Is it CMOS levels?



  • dual ad9837 and phase shifting

    I wanna control dual ad9837 by Atmel at32uc microprocessor. Write a random frequency number to both ad9837, for example, in a range of 20 - 30 KHz, but do not sweep the frequency. One of ad9837 generates the square wave with 0 degree phase shift, but…

  • AD9837  How to generate the sine wave (0~15V adj 0~5kHz adj)

    Hello, i need a sine wave (0~15V adj , 0~5kHz adj, > 30mA). I found AD9837 several days ago,but i don't know if AD9837 is suitable.  Can ADI provide the solution? Thanks.

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  • RE: EVAL-AD9837


    The AD9837 will lose the data stored in the registers after power cycle. Unfortunately, we do not have any DDS that can retain its settings after power down because the memory used for them are volatile. But the AD9837 offers a sleep function wherein…

  • RE: How to do Lock-in measurement with external signal,"sine wave," to act as a reference by using ADA2200.


    One way of synchronizing an external sinewave to the ADA2200 would be to generate the sinewave using a device like the AD9837.  By sourcing the MCLK of the AD9837 and the CLKIN of the ADA2200 from the same clock, the sinewave output and the ADA2200…

  • AD9837 labview issue

    Dear All,

    When I opened the AD9837's software (didn't connect to the EVB)and it shown as below pic .

    How could I  solve this problem?

    My environment informaion as below:

    a. My OS is Win 7 32 Bit

    b. The software which is" AD9837 Evaluation…

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  • Time limit t8(SCLK falling edge to FSYNC rising edge time) of AD9837

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have a question for your good AD9837 Programmable Waveform Generator.
    As for your time limit t8(SCLK falling edge to FSYNC rising edge time) on your fig-3 Serial Timing Chart AD9837 datasheet ,it shows "10ns min / (t4-5)ns max".…