• AD9837 square wave and sinusoidal wave


    I am planning to use two AD9837 to generate a square wave and a sinusoidal wave. Both the waveforms shall have the same frequency, so I will provide the same MCLK to bot the AD9837. 

    I have two questions about this application:

    Can I do more to 

  • RE: AD9837 Phase issue

    Little late to the party; but I believe the answer is yes. Look at the following note from datasheet:

    ... The relationship of the selected output frequency and the reference clock frequency must be considered to avoid unwanted output anomalies.
    The flowchart…

  • AD9837输出三角波


  • Some questions about the AD9837

    Operate its phase register according to the chip manual, and the output waveform is unchanged. Currently, it is possible to modify the frequency register, but the range can only be less than 27 bits. And the output waveform cannot adjust duty cycle, amplitude…

  • RE: AD9837 amplitude error during phase changement

    I know it's a bit late to the party, but if this is still relevant to you I would suggest that you do that using the two phase registers and use PSEL to select between the phase registers. In other words, don't do it by writing to the same phase register…

  • AD9833 vs AD9837 output peak to peak

    I have used AD9850, and the output signal looks good but the power consumption was high (76mAmp at 5V).

    I am now using AD9833 and AD9837; I was able to output sine wave with both AD9833 and AD9837 but seems that there is slight distortion.

    What I want…

  • AD9837 Circuit problem

    My spi should be correct, but my output waveform has been wrong, and it will keep changing up and down. Is there something wrong with my circuit diagram?


  • AD9837方波输出波形异常问题


  • Synchronization of DDS ad9837 output


    I am using AD9837 for generating a sine wave output. I want to synchronize the DDS output to an external control pulse which comes with a PRI of 4ms. What I am doing now is resetting the DDS when the control pulse edge is detected. The following shows…