• Cannot download AD9834 source code from WIKI ??

    To anybody concerned. I am unable to download AD9834.c, AD9834.h  from the LINUX device driver page for the AD9834.

    Can anybody help? Thanks and Best Regards.

  • Request Schematic review and output wave form of AD9834


    My customer use AD9834 and they ask some questions about output wave form when they measure with Osiloscope.

    When they measue the output of AD9834 using TDS5104 Osciloscope with 10s vertical scale, they can get some issue at the output wave form…

  • RE: Using AD9959 to generate waveforms


    If you want to generate basic waveforms (sine, triangle and square) and do basic modulation like FSK and PSK, you may want to consider AD9834.

    Hope this helps.


  • AD8333 4LOP Setting


    I have questions on the AD8333 and AD9834.  I will use two AD9834(Sine wave, 75 khz ~ 100 khz). because AD8333 need 4LOP.

    First, I know that clock synchronization is important in the AD8333. I wonder if two AD9834 can share them with one main clock…

  • RE: 3 x 400Hz Sine Generator


    If you are not using the Fselect or Pselect pins pull them to ground.

    Please use Figure 3 of the AN-587 as a reference. The flip flop is used to synchronise the MCLK to the 3 /FSYNC inputs of the AD9834s. You need a 3rd clock ouput from the Micro…

  • RE: AD9833 - Lay-out recomendations


    I am currently updating the AD9833 evaluation board - please see layout for the AD9834 on figures 43,44 and 45 on AD9834 datasheet as reference.


  • RE: AD9834 working with MCLK=25MHz but not 50MHz

    Is it possible your MCLK is also being used to clock the microcontroller/fpga that's writing to the AD9834?  The max speed of the AD9834's serial interface is 40MHz.

  • Hi What is the minimum output frequency supported by AD9834 DDS chip?. I am using 2 MHz as reference clock for AD9834.

    Hi What is the minimum output frequency supported by AD9834 DDS chip?. I am using 2 MHz as reference clock for AD9834.

  • AD9834

    Hi I am using EVAL-CN0304-SDZ for commuicating with AD9834. I would want communicate through my automation script. The DLL (sdpApi1.DLL) available with the EVAL board does not seem to help.(API's are not exposed). Is there any other way I can be able…

  • AD9834

    Hi! Kevin, I'm new to this community, kindly help me on my queries. I will be thankful to all of you . I'm using AD9834 for my application as a signal source. I possess EVAL boards: EVAL-AD9834 SDZ along with EVAL-SDP-CB1Z., AD8302.