• AD9834

    Hi! Kevin, I'm new to this community, kindly help me on my queries. I will be thankful to all of you . I'm using AD9834 for my application as a signal source. I possess EVAL boards: EVAL-AD9834 SDZ along with EVAL-SDP-CB1Z., AD8302.


  • AD9834

    I am a rookie in utilising DDS, anyway we are asking for a FSK modulation with 1Mbit of bandwidth. Is it possibe to obtain such value with AD9834 (75MHz), just toggling FSEL input?

  • Hi What is the minimum output frequency supported by AD9834 DDS chip?. I am using 2 MHz as reference clock for AD9834.

    Hi What is the minimum output frequency supported by AD9834 DDS chip?. I am using 2 MHz as reference clock for AD9834.

  • AD9834

    I am using two AD9834’s, one to generate a sine wave and the other a sync signal with settable phase difference. A common 75MHz clock is use. A D-type flip-flop triggered by the 75MHz clock is used to issue the same reset signal to both chips. I am planning…

  • AD9834

    Hi I am using EVAL-CN0304-SDZ for commuicating with AD9834. I would want communicate through my automation script. The DLL (sdpApi1.DLL) available with the EVAL board does not seem to help.(API's are not exposed). Is there any other way I can be able…

  • AD9834 filter


    I am currently using AD9834 making use of its capability to have sine, triangle and square wave outputs.

    My application needs a 10MHz cut-off frequency. When I tried to populate an RC filter (with Fc = 10.61MHz) in the AD9834 eval board, the sine…

  • AD9834 LC Filter

    What impedance should have an LC filter connected to IOUT pin of AD9834?

    I have a low pass chebyshev filter with a cutoff frequency of 32.5 MHz with 50 ohm impedance designed with http://www.wa4dsy.net/filter/hp_lp_filter.html and built with commercial…

  • AD9834 Single Output


    I have a quick question about the AD9834 DDS. I have designed a board that is going to become an automated test rig for a few products. It will take out a lot of hard work when testing a board. For instance, plugging in a board and it measuring voltages…

  • AD9834 output magnitude

    Hi all,

    I have a question about the output magnitude of AD9834.

    I use two AD9834s and they worked fine, but one of them provides weird output suddenly.

    For the yellow wave, there's 47k ohm resistor at the FS ADJ pin, and for the green wave, there…

  • AD9834 Output Problems

    Hi Everyone,

    I am using the AD9834CRUZ DDS chip with a 75MHz MCLK (all on an arduino shield). The chip is being programmed by an Arduino Duemilanove. I want to use it to ultimately produce a signal in the 27MHz band but currently am having trouble even…