• AD9834 square wave

    we are trying to get a square wave out of ad9834 at 8 MHz with  a raspberry pi 4.

    but the shape of the wave is getting distorted and starting to look like a sine wave as the frequency of the output increases.

    what can be done to maintain the square wave…

  • ad9834 square wave

    we are trying to generate square waves with a ad9834 and a raspberry pi at 8Mhz. the shape of the square wave gets distorted starting at 1 MHz,

    isn't the ad9834 supposed to function at high frequencies? please let us know how to improve the shape?

  • AD9834 startup

    Dear all

    We do the initialization as described under “Figure 32. Initialization“ using the control register to do a reset.

    With starting MCLK the generated sinus signal starts with any phase shift!?


    We didn’t notice this behavior on…

  • No Output from AD9834

    Hi everyone, so I was hoping for a bit of help as I have been stuck on this for about a week now. Pretty much the final product will be using a raspberry pi but for now I am doing testing with an arduino uno because its easier to rapidly change. 

    The issue…

  • AD9834: Operation of DDS

    When I have 10 Mhz master clock and I want to have 1 Mhz output frequency, how
    many points (time domain) will my output signal have?


    The tuning word specifies the output frequency as a fraction of the reference
    clk frequency, therefore a tuning…

  • AD9834: MSB output jitter reduction

    We would like to get a output square wave by using of AD9834.
    The MSB is output at pin 16 but the edge is jittering and the waveforms have
    been attached.
    As we know, the jitter of output is dominated by that of MCLK, but the problem
    is still…

  • RE: AD9834 square waveform output


    I am FAE and do not have AD9834.

    Our customer will use AD9833 , LPF and Comparator for precise clock.

    Best regards


  • Can AD9834 generate 10k high precision square wave?

    Whether the AD9824 can generate a 10k square wave, the frequency jitter is preferably within ±1Hz. If not, can a square wave with frequency jitter within ±3Hz be generated.

  • AD9833: Difference between AD9833 and AD9834

    I want to use one of these two DDS chips (AD9833/AD9834) to generate a square
    wave signal of 10...90kHz from a 7.2Mhz clock. All I need is a square wave
    output. I therefore don't need the DAC running but intend to use the MSB output